Lauren G. Now Feels More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

I’ve always had a little pocket of fat around my midsection that just wouldn’t go away. I ate healthy and exercised but didn’t see the results I wanted. There were many times when I’d be getting ready to go out, and my boyfriend would tell me I looked beautiful. But I’d see a tiny fat […]

Facial Fillers Gave Jennie M. a New Lease on Life

Three years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. I lost my son-in-law and father within six weeks of each other. Then, my husband asked for a divorce on Valentine’s Day. The stress I had was visible on my face. I had horrible jowls and cringed every time I looked in the […]

Breaking the Mental Barrier: How To Overcome a Plateau

how to overcome a mental plateau

Written by: Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Feinstein, Red Mountain Weight Loss® Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist We’re all too familiar with the plateau period on the scale. But have you ever experienced a mental plateau when your motivation just seems to have vanished into thin air? The first step to a healthy resolution is identifying the […]

The Best Superfoods for Women’s Health

You want to lose weight and improve your health, so you add nutritious foods into your diet. That’s a great start! But the key to a healthier life isn’t just to eat healthy. You should eat smart, too! And that’s where these superfoods come in. What Is a Superfood, Anyway? Superfoods are exactly what they […]