Stop Cravings In Their Tracks With Appetite Suppressants

Available by prescription only.

We know managing cravings throughout the day can make sticking to a healthy diet challenging. Our exclusive, prescription-strength appetite suppressants are custom blended to offer the support you need to overcome food-related obstacles — like portion control, late-night binging, and emotional eating — that may get in the way of losing weight.

What makes our medications different

What makes our medications different

Custom formulas are exclusive to Red Mountain.

We’ve created a custom blend of ingredients you can’t find anywhere else to enhance weight loss efforts and provide additional health benefits, such as regulated blood sugar levels and heart health. We’ve also added collagen, which improves skin elasticity, preserves muscle, prevents hair loss, and strengthens nails. They are available only by prescription from one of our Licensed Medical Providers.

No nervous or jittery side effects.

Our extended-release formulation means you will feel longer-lasting effects of fullness and won’t feel nervous or jittery like other common medications.

The only hunger suppressant spray on the market.

PhenterMist™ is the only appetite suppressant spray on the market that offers instant relief for those on-the-go moments when faced with temptations, and you need more control quickly. PhenterMist is ideal for patients who just need occasional improved control or those who use it for ongoing maintenance.

What makes our medications different

Dr. Shelly Kocher, M.D., FACOG

RM Medical Director

“Each of our appetite suppressants is formulated to address common behavioral food issues seen with patients. They are made with key ingredients to lessen hunger, reduce cravings, and improve holistic well-being.”

The benefits of appetite suppressants for weight loss

Appetite suppressants are one of the many tools we can provide Red Mountain patients to ensure success while on one of our weight loss programs. They accelerate weight loss by helping suppress hunger while forming new diet habits and controlling cravings to maintain weight loss.
  • Increase your satiety. You’ll feel full longer, which reduces the urge to snack between meals on calorie-dense foods.
  • Manage your portions. Since you’re satisfied with less food, managing portion sizes and reducing the desire to overeat is easier.
  • Reduce your hunger. Eating fewer calories throughout the day leads to greater weight loss over time.
  • Control your cravings. Less cravings mean fewer unhealthy foods, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Your journey begins and ends here

Appetite suppressants can kick-start weight loss and help you overcome a plateau. They may also help reduce your hunger and cravings to help you lose enough weight to improve underlying health problems.

When you take appetite suppressants, the medication stimulates areas of your brain that control satiety. The active ingredients interrupt hormonal responses, fooling your brain into thinking you feel full. As a result, it’s easier to eat less. Appetite suppressants can support your weight loss efforts but don’t replace a healthy diet and exercise.

Appetite suppressants can help you lose weight — but they’re not a magic pill. They work best when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes, such as diet and regular exercise. Many of our patients have achieved successful outcomes when they combine prescription appetite suppressants with one of our signature weight loss medications.

Appetite suppressants are available by prescription only. Request an appointment with one of our Licensed Medical Providers to learn if appetite suppressants can benefit your weight loss journey.

It’s important to talk to your RM Medical Provider about the risks and benefits of appetite suppressants before taking them. Red Mountain works with an exclusive PCAB-accredited pharmacy with the highest level of distinction for pharmacy standards to ensure all our medications use the highest-quality ingredients.

Appetite suppressants may benefit people who are obese or have a weight-related health condition. They may also be helpful for those who have tried other weight loss methods but haven’t been successful at keeping it off. We encourage you to request an appointment to meet with one of our Licensed Medical Providers and ask which one might be right for you.

Appetite suppressants can cause side effects like any medication. Patients often report feeling nervous or jittery, among other issues. Our custom blends are extended-release formulas so that you experience fewer of those common adverse side effects found in other brands.

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