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Vitamins & supplements to keep you on track.

Our medical-grade vitamins and supplements are of the highest potency and purity, which ensures maximum absorption by the body. We offer a wide variety, all of which are proven to help our patients maintain or achieve their optimal healthy weight.

How Red Mountain’s vitamins & supplements can accelerate weight loss

Red Mountain vitamins & supplements

Boost metabolism. They can support metabolism, which can aid in burning calories more efficiently during exercise and at rest.

Increase energy levels. Weight loss efforts often result in decreased energy levels due to reduced calorie intake. Supplements contain ingredients like B vitamins to help combat fatigue and maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Support muscle preservation. There’s a risk of losing both fat and muscle mass during weight loss. Supplements can help preserve lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

Red Mountain vitamins & supplements

Heather Wright, FNP-C

RM Clinical Assistant Director

“Red Mountain’s vitamins and supplements can support overall health and help fill in nutrient gaps that may occur while on one of our weight loss programs.”

Most popular vitamins and supplements

What makes our supplements different

Custom formulations exclusive to Red Mountain.
As specialists in weight loss, we know what you need to sustain your results long-term. We’ve created custom blends to boost weight loss efforts and provide additional health benefits, such as increased metabolism and enhanced immune function to support overall health and help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Medical-grade ingredients.
The ingredients used in our custom formulations are medical-grade, which means they have a higher percentage and quality of active ingredients. You can’t find our vitamins and supplements anywhere else because they are available only by prescription from one of our Licensed Medical Providers.

Safety is our priority.
We partner exclusively with a PCAB-accredited pharmacy that is continuously recognized with the highest level of distinction for its advanced commitment to the highest pharmacy standards to ensure of all our medications are safe for human consumption.

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Vitamins and supplements can support overall health and help fill in nutrient gaps that may occur while on a diet. They can also aid in energy levels, metabolism, and appetite control, making weight loss more manageable.

Absolutely! Low-calorie diets can make it a challenge to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Vitamins and supplements can help bridge those gaps.

If you’re following a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-rich foods, you may not need supplements. However, supplements may be beneficial if you are going through menopause, have specific dietary restrictions, have limited food choices, or have increased nutrient needs due to exercise or other deficiencies due to health reasons.

You can take multiple supplements simultaneously, but it’s important to be mindful of potential interactions and overlapping nutrient intake. It’s best to consult with your RM Medical Provider to avoid excessive intake of certain nutrients or interactions with medications.

The duration of supplement use can vary depending on individual goals and needs. Some supplements may be used short-term to address specific deficiencies or support weight loss efforts, while others may be taken long-term for overall health maintenance. It’s important to reassess your supplement regimen regularly and adjust as needed.

Vitamins and supplements cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. They should be used as complements to a balanced eating plan and physical activity regimen, not substitutes.

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