Breaking the Mental Barrier: How To Overcome a Plateau

how to overcome a mental plateau

Written by: Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Feinstein, Red Mountain Weight Loss® Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist We’re all too familiar with the plateau period on the scale. But have you ever experienced a mental plateau when your motivation just seems to have vanished into thin air? The first step to a healthy resolution is identifying the […]

The Best Superfoods for Women’s Health

You want to lose weight and improve your health, so you add nutritious foods into your diet. That’s a great start! But the key to a healthier life isn’t just to eat healthy. You should eat smart, too! And that’s where these superfoods come in. What Is a Superfood, Anyway? Superfoods are exactly what they […]

Embrace the Change: How To Enjoy Life After Menopause


Menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life, but it’s not always an easy adjustment. You may no longer feel like the person you were in your 20’s and 30’s. Instead of dreading life after “the change,” women can learn how to embrace it, so they can continue to enjoy a healthy and happy […]

How Abi O. Regained Her Confidence With 4 Microneedling Treatments

Abigail Ong Microneedling 2

I had terrible skin and cystic acne when I was younger. Not only did I have acne on my face, but it ran down my neck and back. As I got older, my acne disappeared, but I was left with noticeable scars and uneven skin texture, which didn’t make me feel very confident. I felt […]

Meal Prep Methods: Which One Is Right for You?

meal prep

Research has shown that individuals who plan their meals are more likely to stick to their diets than those who don’t. Despite what people may think, there are many ways to meal prep and not all of them involve spending a whole Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. Explore the most popular meal prep methods to […]

Stress & Weight Loss: What’s the Connection?

stress and weight loss

Stress can not only impact your ability to maintain a healthy weight — it can prevent you from losing weight. Taking time to nourish, nurture, and care for yourself can help restore calm and serenity to your daily life. How Stress Affects Body Weight Cortisol is a natural stress hormone produced by your body. When […]

Simple Habits for a Successful Weight Loss Routine

successful weight loss routine

Did you know that individuals who reach their goal weight create routines and stick to them? Routines not only teach you healthy habits but also teach you how to maintain them long-term. Morning Routine Checklist Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because your blood sugar is naturally low […]

30-Day Summer Challenge

30 Days of Summer Challenge

Summer means longer days, picnics, and kids out of school. But it is also a time filled with temptation. Instead of sabotaging your progress, use our 30-Day Summer Challenge to help you make this summer one to remember. From fun activities like planting a garden to getting fit with HIIT, it’s time to enjoy summer […]