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Medically supervised weight loss in Glendale

Reach your health and weight loss goals at Red Mountain Weight Loss® Glendale. We don’t believe there is a “one-size fits all” approach to weight loss. Our non-surgical medical weight loss programs are individualized to fit your specific health and lifestyle needs. At Red Mountain, every patient is under the care of a Clinical Team. Based on your lifestyle and health goals, we will offer individualized programs to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss… for life!

Every patient is different. So are our programs.

Not sure which program is for you?

All new patients meet directly with one of our Licensed Medical Providers who will review your weight loss goals, health history, and lifestyle. During this consultation, we will prescribe a medical weight loss program that is right for you. There is a $55 consultation fee, which includes the consultation with our Medical Provider.

If you decide to begin one of our programs, the new patient consultation fee will be applied to your program. Depending on which program you choose, the one-time program cost ranges from $199 to $599. At Red Mountain, there are no contracts to sign nor clubs to join.

Yes. As a new patient, you will meet with a Licensed Medical Provider by appointment at our Glendale location or by video from the privacy and comfort of your home.

We offer two signature weight loss programs at our Glendale location to help you reach your weight loss goals:

  • RM3®: This is our most popular program to help patients lose up to 20 lbs or more per month AND sustain it for life. It includes an individualized diet plan, our patented medication, and everything you need to sustain your results long-term.
  • Flex with Revolex™: Flex is a fast and flexible program designed to help you lose up to 15 lbs per month. It is ideal for patients who desire a balanced approach to weight loss and an easy-to-follow diet plan that incorporates real food and the ability to engage in exercise to boost their overall well-being.

While most people achieve their goals using one of our two signature programs, some may prefer an a-la-carte option that does not include the RM3® or Revolex™ medication. For those patients, we have our Lifestyle® program. Our Clinical Team typically recommends specific medications and supplements to support an individualized macronutrient diet plan that helps patients lose up to 5-10 lbs per month.

Yes. As a new patient, you will meet with one of our Licensed Medical Providers. They will review your overall health history, personal weight loss goals, and general day-to-day lifestyle to ensure that you are prescribed the right weight loss program for you and your needs.

The consultation takes approximately 90 minutes. We’ll review your health history, weight loss goals, and lifestyle during this visit. You will be prescribed the best program for your needs based on the findings. You can request a consultation in person or by video.

Don’t just take our word for it


I am so happy with this program

“The program is working. The staff is outstanding and professional.”

Marie T.


Everyone is most professional and friendly

“From recipes, med delivery, questions answered, supplements, suggestions, reminders, etc. It has been a very enjoyable, rewarding experience.”

Andy S.


Very professional, courteous staff

“The program is excellent. As somebody who has been on pretty much every weight loss program, the results I have achieved here are amazing.”

Randal W.