Factors that Influence our Food Choices

By: Dr. Kim Feinstein, Psy.D., Red Mountain Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist Every day we are overwhelmed with eating “cues” — triggers that influence what and how much we eat. There are many reasons why we eat that have nothing to do with satisfying our physiological needs (e.g., social, external, and internal cues). […]

4 Ways to De-Stress During the Holiday Season

The American Psychological Association found that 38% of people say their stress increases during the holidays. Top stressors include lack of time, family get-togethers, and traveling. We can’t change your stressors. However, we can provide a few tips to help de-stress during the holidays:

How to Host a Healthy Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is almost here, and it’s time to start getting ready! Here are a few tips to help you prepare a healthy Thanksgiving for your friends and loved ones.

Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving can be warm, fuzzy, and fabulous. But veer off your diet, and you may feel bloated, full, and regretful the next day. Don’t let one indulgence stop you from getting back on track! Follow these tips to help you bounce back after a holiday food hangover. Give Yourself Grace If you binged a little […]

Diet & Mental Health: Is There a Link?

We’re taught from an early age that a healthy diet helps us look and feel our physical best. However, what we eat influences more than just our bodies. It also affects our mental health. The Gut-Brain Connection The connection between your emotions and diet stems from the close relationship between your brain and gastrointestinal tract […]

Weight Loss Tips for Picky Eaters

Did you know that rejecting foods based on color or texture can rob you of the nutrients you need for peak metabolism? You can expand your food horizons and lose weight by eating various nutritious foods. Here are a few tips to help change your picky ways. Try One New Food Every Week Set a […]

Lauren G. Now Feels More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

I’ve always had a little pocket of fat around my midsection that just wouldn’t go away. I ate healthy and exercised but didn’t see the results I wanted. There were many times when I’d be getting ready to go out, and my boyfriend would tell me I looked beautiful. But I’d see a tiny fat […]