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Medically supervised weight loss in Swan

If you’re looking for a better way to lose weight, you’ll find everything you need at Red Mountain Weight Loss® in Swan, AZ. Red Mountain is a non-surgical, medically proven practice with weight loss solutions designed to help patients lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively. Whether you are eager to experience substantial weight loss with our RM3® or Flex™ programs or want a way to obtain an affordable alternative to Ozempic® for weight loss with our DirectMed auto-ship program, you will receive the tools needed to reshape, recharge, and reclaim your true self.

After the weight is gone, it can inspire new pathways to further transformation. Our Med Spa services in Swan can help you gain confidence from the inside out. We offer injectables like Juvéderm® and Botox® for fast, lasting results and medical-grade skincare products to address common skin conditions.

Every patient is different. So are our programs.

Not sure which program is for you?

Yes. Every patient will be under the care of a member of our Clinical Team during each step of our programs.

We’re proud to offer two signature weight loss programs to Swan residents and those in the surrounding areas.

  • RM3®: This is our fastest program to help patients lose up to 20 lbs or more per month AND sustain it for life. It includes an individualized diet plan, our patented medication, and everything you need to sustain your results long-term.
  • Flex™: This is our most popular program designed to help you lose up to 15 lbs per month. It is ideal for patients who desire a balanced approach to weight loss and an easy-to-follow diet plan that incorporates real food and the ability to engage in exercise to boost their overall well-being. The Flex program features our proprietary formula, called Revolex™, that is made with semaglutide or tirzepatide to enhance your results.

While most people achieve their goals using one of our two signature programs, some may prefer an a-la-carte option that does not include the RM3® or Revolex medication. For those patients, we have our Lifestyle® program. Our Clinical Team typically recommends specific medications and supplements to support an individualized macronutrient diet plan that helps patients lose up to 5-10 lbs per month.

Semaglutide and tirzepatide (the same active, FDA-approved ingredients as Ozempic® and Mounjaro®) have gained popularity as effective weight loss treatments. Recent studies have shown that they can help patients lose up to 15-22.5% of their body weight in 16 months when combined with healthy lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

These weight loss medications work by mimicking the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor, which targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite. GLP-1 also decreases “gastric emptying,” the process by which the stomach contents are moved into the small intestine, increasing the feeling of satiety by making one feel fuller faster and longer.

Tirzepatide is slightly different from semaglutide in that it mimics the action of a second receptor in the body. The additional GIP receptor activation improves how the body breaks down sugar and fat, which leads to enhanced results.

There is a New Patient fee of $55, which includes the consultation with our Medical Provider. If you decide to begin one of our programs, the New Patient consultation fee will be applied to your program. Depending on which program you choose, the one-time program cost ranges from $199 to $599. Visit our Financing page to learn more about our pricing and interest-free financing.

Yes. As a new patient, you will meet with a Licensed Medical Provider by appointment at our Swan location or by video from the privacy and comfort of your home. They will review your overall health history, personal weight loss goals, and general day-to-day lifestyle to ensure that you are prescribed the right weight loss program for you and your needs.

We don’t prescribe Ozempic for weight loss. However, we offer three proprietary weight loss medications (only available at Red Mountain) to help you achieve weight loss success:

  • RM3® is our patented medication that provides amazing weight loss results for our patients. RM3 is a twice-daily tablet that mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source to reduce your appetite and quickly lose weight naturally.
  • Revolex SGT™ is our patented medication formulated with full-strength semaglutide (the active, FDA-approved ingredient in Ozempic®). Revolex SGT is available in your choice of a weekly injection or daily sublingual tablet. Additionally, we’ve added peptides to aid in gut and immune function.
  • Revolex TRZ™ is our proprietary medication made with full-strength tirzepatide. It is the same ingredient has been FDA-approved for weight loss in Mounjaro® and Zepbound™. Revolex TRZ is a weekly injection formulated with peptides to help improve digestive/gut health, insulin sensitivity, and preserve muscle mass.

While most people prefer our comprehensive diet plans, some simply want the semaglutide or tirzepatide medication without ongoing support from our Clinical Team. For those patients, we have DirectMed™This is our auto-ship program that ensures you never miss a dose of your weight loss medication. We’ll deliver the medication directly to your door every month so that you can focus on feeling your best.

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