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Our programs are medically proven to help you lose weight fast through a combination of an individualized diet plan based on your health and lifestyle, our patented medications to accelerate weight loss, and support from our medical weight loss team to help with your transformation back to health and well-being.

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Semaglutide Subscription



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Lose up to 15 lbs+/mo.

Our most flexible program with full-strength semaglutide shots or tablets at half the price of Ozempic®.

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Lose up to 20+ lbs/mo.

The quickest way to safely lose weight and sustain it for life.

Lose up to 15+ lbs/mo.

Our auto-ship program delivers semaglutide to your door.

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Lose 5-10 lbs/mo.

A-la-carte program to match your lifestyle with moderate weight loss and maintenance.

Average Total Weight Loss

Up to 15+ lbs/mo

Up to 20+ lbs/mo

Up to 15+ lbs/mo

Up to 10 lbs/mo

Patented medication included

Weekly fat burner boosters included

Consultation with medical provider

Guidebook with diet plan

Lifetime maintenance included

Digital Food Scale

Resources and support

Exercise/ activity level allowed





Vitamins and supplements










Find the right solution for you.

Put your weight loss journey in the hands of a medical expert

Medical team meeting

Your best chance to effectively and rapidly achieve your weight loss goals is to be under the care of a doctor who has completed training and Board Certification in Obesity Medicine. We provide the highest quality of medical care and prescribe solutions to fit individual needs.

Exclusive medications.

Prescription medications featuring a custom blend of ingredients. These proprietary blends accelerate weight loss and eliminate the side effects commonly found with generic medications.

Medical-grade supplements & Fat Burner Boosters.

The highest potency and purity of vitamins are available to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy. Custom-blended ingredients speed up metabolism and reduce cravings.

One-on-one medical support.

Our medical weight loss experts will be with you at each stage, not just your initial consultation.

Medical team meeting
Dr. Suzanne Bentz Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Suzanne Bentz, D.O.

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

“When losing weight is not as simple as eating less or exercising more, non-surgical medical weight loss is the answer. Specialized in Obesity Medicine we can look at your lifestyle, habits, metabolism, hormones, chronic conditions, and any other issues that may be causing weight gain or the inability to lose weight. We can assist you with overcoming these challenges more successfully and teach you how to maintain your new weight for life.”

Results vary based on the program, the patient’s health history, and current lifestyle. Our fully comprehensive weight loss programs are designed to help patients lose 20 pounds or more each month and sustain it for life!

Everyone gains and loses weight differently. The best weight loss programs are tailored to the individual’s specific needs and goals. The program should also be overseen by a licensed medical provider who can help the patient through this process.

You will meet one-on-one with a licensed medical provider during the initial patient consultation. They will review your goals and health history to find the best weight loss program for your goals. Once you start the program, our clinical team will monitor your progress and adjust your diet plan as needed.

Our weight loss programs range from $199 to $599, depending on the plan you choose (if you don’t start a program, the initial consultation with a licensed medical provider costs $55). There is no obligation to pay for the program after the initial consultation. We also offer interest-free financing to help you pay for your treatment.

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