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Dr. Kim: The 6-Stages of Weight Loss and Weight Management

Written by: Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Feinstein, RedMountain Weight Loss Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist As with countless areas in life, we experience change in stages or phases; the weight loss journey is no different. There are six stages of weight loss that people often go through on their way to creating a permanent lifestyle change … Continue reading Dr. Kim: The 6-Stages of Weight Loss and Weight Management

Holidays & Travel  

Vacation Health Hacks

Ahh, Spring Break. Its arrival is inevitable, yet its presence sneaks up on us every year. Whether you’re planning on jetting off to paradise with the family or staying home in your swimsuit for a backyard tanning session, vacation time requires strict planning to ensure that you stay on track. When you’re in a state … Continue reading Vacation Health Hacks

Recipes & Kitchen  

Spring Clean the Healthy Way

Whether you like it or not, your pantry and refrigerator are central parts of your home, and their centrality is the exact reason why they deserve to be kept clean – and not just in the literal sense. While it’s important to keep everything in the kitchen neat and tidy to avoid the spread of … Continue reading Spring Clean the Healthy Way

Holidays & Travel  

The Dangers of Girl Scout Cookie Season

Every year, all across America, citizens fall victim to their calculated trickery. Legend has it, if you open your front door when the bell-ringing ritual is completed, you’re doomed. Even if you pretend that your home is vacant when they visit, carefully avoiding the line of sight of the windows at all costs, you’re still … Continue reading The Dangers of Girl Scout Cookie Season

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