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Late Night Snacking

For some it’s a handful of chips, for others it’s a few cookies, ice cream, or popcorn. At the very worst, it can be the caloric equivalent the of an entire dinner or more: late night snacking. No matter how committed you are to your meal plan during the daytime hours, a late night snacking habit … Continue reading Late Night Snacking

ARCHIVES  Healthy & Happy  

Dr. Kim’s 9 Ways To Improve Your Body Image

Body image is not what you actually look like but refers to your personal relationship and perception of your body. More specifically, body image can be defined as the subjective opinion that you have of your body when you picture yourself or actually look in the mirror. It involves your feelings, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and … Continue reading Dr. Kim’s 9 Ways To Improve Your Body Image

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Spring Clean Your Mindset

Generally speaking, when we think of “spring cleaning” we think of our homes, cars, or even pantries. While these things are great & beneficial to get done, there’s one more thing that may need a little attention: your mindset.   As we settle into the year, our resolutions and goals may be beginning to get … Continue reading Spring Clean Your Mindset

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Appetite Control Strategies

Snacking & Overeating: The often-mindless act of eating outside of one’s meals which can easily derail goals. Whether it’s a bag of popcorn during a movie or a late-night handful of whatever cereal is easiest to grab, snacking is something that we’re all guilty of doing every once in a while. Especially while we aren’t … Continue reading Appetite Control Strategies

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