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Salad Bar Sabotage

The best part about salad, arguably, is the toppings which can accompany a classic bed of greens and turn it into a Mediterranean tour of flavors or make you feel like you’re spending a relaxing day by the pool. For the most part, salads are a fantastic way to get all kinds of healthy foods … Continue reading Salad Bar Sabotage

5 Simple Ways to Start Today
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Dr. Kim: 5 Simple Ways to Start Today!

Now that it’s January, like most people, you may have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. However, research suggests that most resolutions end up in the New Years resolution graveyard within the first month or two. Getting and especially staying on track is difficult, but thankfully it is not impossible. To optimize your … Continue reading Dr. Kim: 5 Simple Ways to Start Today!

Stop Wishing and Start Doing - How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks
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Dr. Kim: Stop Wishing and Start Doing! How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks

Before the holiday season, perhaps you were highly motivated and committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Beginning each day with enthusiasm and hope, you did everything you were “supposed” to do – ate clean, exercised, and overall acted according to the lifestyle that would help you achieve your goals. Then the holiday season arrived. You … Continue reading Dr. Kim: Stop Wishing and Start Doing! How to Overcome Holiday Setbacks

Re-wire your Craving Instincts
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Re-wire your Craving Instincts

According to a few theories, we are born with certain cravings, which explains why that candy bar is so irresistible in comparison to a bowl of greens for most. However this desire for foods is seemingly instinctive, there is a way to essentially re-wire the way you view healthy items. For many of us, we … Continue reading Re-wire your Craving Instincts

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