Win the Weight Loss Game Like an Athlete


Set the stage for a healthier lifestyle with four principles athletes use to gear up for a season.

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Just like an athlete gears up for a season, the same logic can be applied to your weight loss journey. Here are four fundamental principles you can follow to lose weight successfully and set the stage for positive lifestyle changes.

Principle #1: Mental

Mindset matters when it comes to weight loss. A positive attitude is essential because slip-ups happen and are an inevitable part of creating a new routine. With a bit of practice (and self-compassion), you can establish healthier habits and achieve long-term success by establishing the right mindset.

“A positive mindset allows you to have an optimistic, winning attitude and outlook that encourages you to take the necessary actions to lose weight and create a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.”

– Dr. Kim Feinstein, Psy.D.
RM Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist

Limiting Your Negative Self-Talk
You’re setting yourself up to fail if you tell yourself that you are weak or unworthy because of your unhealthy food decisions. This mindset can perpetuate a cycle of emotional eating that adds excess weight, reduces self-esteem, and is often challenging to end. Instead, stop using the words “good” and “bad” to describe your food choices — and yourself.

Creating a Mantra
Getting your mind in the right “head space” is vital to weight loss success. This is where a mantra (or positive affirmation) can help! If you start each morning with a mantra that motivates you, you’ll feel upbeat and ready to tackle challenges as they occur. Choose one affirmation, say it daily, and make it yours.

Principle #2: Theoretical

Many individuals blame their weight on metabolism. But is that really the cause? While metabolism plays a role in your weight, it is not the only factor.

  • Genetics. Research shows if one parent is obese, you have a 50% chance of having obesity. This number jumps to 80% when two parents have the condition.
  • Hormones. Some hormones stimulate hunger, while others signal that you have had enough to eat, which inhibits food intake. Any hormone imbalance involved in appetite may lead to weight gain or loss.
  • Behavior. Exercise increases the number of calories your body burns. More movement and fewer calories create a calorie deficit, which results in weight loss.
  • Environment. We often make health decisions based on our environment. For example, if your family uses food as an expression of love, you may be tempted to eat more to show that you care.

Principle #3: Physical

Exercise can be an effective lifestyle modification for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet. It not only builds muscle mass and reduces body fat — but helps improve your mood and reduce stress. We encourage RM3® patients to workout 30 minutes per day with low-intensity exercises like:

  • Strength training. When you shed fat, you build muscle, which burns calories. RM Fitness Expert Anita Terlizzi created a workout series to help you get fit the Red Mountain Way. Do these two to three times per week.
  • Yoga. Yoga can help with weight loss in many ways. People who practice yoga are more mindful of what they eat. It can also aid in digestion after a meal.
  • Walking. Walking can increase energy or calorie expenditure. It can also optimize your resting metabolic rate, which boosts lean body mass. Walking can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve longevity.

Principle #4: Tactical

Losing weight can feel like a challenge — especially on your own. That is why it’s critical to partner with licensed medical experts to help develop healthy habits that will ensure your long-term success. You’ll learn strategies like:

  • Weighing yourself every morning. You’ll get your most accurate weight because your body has had time to digest and process what you ate and drank the day before.
  • Drinking water. Hydration is key. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces daily. Water not only acts as a natural appetite suppressant — it boosts your metabolism and supports your weight loss efforts.
  • Keeping a food log. This can be a useful tool to help you understand and be aware of your eating habits and patterns and help you stay on track.

Our dedicated team is here to support you as you take the first step in your weight loss journey. Schedule your consultation today to get started!

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