Simple Habits for a Successful Weight Loss Routine

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successful weight loss routine

Did you know that individuals who reach their goal weight create routines and stick to them? Routines not only teach you healthy habits but also teach you how to maintain them long-term.

Morning Routine Checklist

Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because your blood sugar is naturally low when you wake up. Protein helps you feel full and satisfied longer and is essential for strong and healthy muscles.

Water kickstarts your digestion, boosts metabolism, and supports weight loss efforts. We recommend you drink at least half of your water intake by the afternoon. It can be easy to mistake thirst for hunger — so, drink up!

Get Some Sun
Did you know that sunshine could benefit your waistline? Vitamin D can help you feel more energetic and keep your hormonal changes on track to support weight loss. Enjoy a neighborhood stroll or take your meditation outdoors to soak up the sun.

Looking for an extra boost to jumpstart your day? RM Ignite™ is one of our most popular supplements that is specifically formulated to boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Practice Meditation
Meditation can lower your blood pressure, make you feel happier, and even improve your focus and concentration. Take 5-10 minutes to give yourself space to be still so you can reconnect, re-center, and recharge.

Pack Your Lunch
Take a few extra minutes to pack a lunch or some healthy snacks. You are more likely to stay on track with your weight loss goals if you have healthy options prepped and ready to go. When we are hungry without quick access to healthy choices, we’re more likely to make impulsive food decisions.

Night Routine Checklist

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep is essential to our physical and mental health. A regular sleep schedule of roughly seven to nine hours is necessary for normal hormone and immune system function. Lack of sleep can also decrease the amount of energy your body can use to burn calories.

Turn Down the Thermostat
According to the Sleep Foundation, you should set the thermostat between 60°F and 67°F for the most comfortable sleep. However, your ideal sleep temperature will depend on personal factors, such as the type of pajamas and bed coverings you use.

Power Down Your Devices
Blue light from your gadgets reduces melatonin levels. Melatonin helps you drift off to sleep, so power down your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime to keep those melatonin levels higher and get your best rest.

Limit Your Caffeine
The recommended cut-off time for caffeine use is three to seven hours before bedtime. Caffeine can cause sleep disruptions and make it harder to fall asleep at night. Instead, mix some Natural Vitality CALM® Magnesium Powder into a cup of warm water to help you drift off.

Take a Bath or Shower
A warm bath or shower not only refreshes you after a long day of work but also has health benefits. The heat from the water will reduce your body’s temperature to aid in relaxation and help you sleep better.

Making a few small changes to your morning and evening habits can be an effective way to increase weight loss. Request an appointment to meet with one of our licensed medical experts to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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