CoolSculpting® for Under the Chin


CoolSculpting® is FDA approved to treat and permanently reduce fat under the jawline. The average fat reduction is between 20-25 percent and reduction of volume is seen in as little as three weeks with continued reduction up to six months!

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According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, nearly 70 percent of Americans suffer from the double-chin. CoolSculpting® treatments can help alleviate this troublesome area. Here’s all you need to know about CoolSculpting® for under the chin and contouring the neck.

Is CoolSculpting® good for targeting double-chins?

Yes! CoolSculpting® is FDA approved to treat and permanently reduce fat under the jawline. According to Heathline, about 82 percent of people who underwent a CoolSculpting® treatment would recommend it to a friend. The average chin fat reduction is between 20-25 percent. With little to no downtime, patients can usually resume daily activities immediately. Reduction of volume is seen in as little as three weeks with continued reduction up to six months.

What is the difference between Kybella® vs. CoolSculpting®?

While both treatments permanently reduce fat, there are a few significant differences between each procedure. Many patients see results with CoolSculpting® in as little as two treatments spaced three months apart. With Kybella®, it can be a series of injections up to six treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. CoolSculpting® is FDA approved to improve skin laxity only under the chin and not in any other treatment areas. Whereas with some patients who are treated with Kybella® can still have fat reduction, but are left with skin laxity. Most patients report minimal side effects such as bruising and swelling with both. Red Mountain’s average cost of Kybella® is $450/ vial and the average cost of CoolSculpting® is $475/cycle, with our multi-treatment package pricing. Multiple vials/cycles will be required; each person is unique so we are not able to provide total treatment cost until a consultation is completed.

Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting®?

A good candidate for CoolSculpting® is an individual who has stubborn fat under the skin that you cannot lose with diet and exercise. It is important to know that CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss treatment and is best done when you are close to an ideal weight. When you schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our CoolSculpting® Specialists, they will be able to address your concerns and create a personal treatment plan
for you.

Red Mountain Weight Loss has supported more than half million patients and has been trusted as the largest medical weight loss provider in the Southwest. Red Mountain has been recognized as one of the top 1% of med spas in the U.S. & the #1 provider of CoolSculpting® in Arizona based on the most number of treatments performed compared to any other practice. Red Mountain uses the most cutting edge technology and is committed to providing our CoolSculpting Specialists the most up-to-date, advanced trainings, which they attend several times each year. Red Mountain continues to be voted Phoenix Magazine’s “2021 Best of the Valley” for Best Med Spa consecutively each year since 2014. Most recently, AZ Central voted Red Mountain “2021 Best of the Desert” in the Med Spa category.


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