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It’s a problem many face, yet fail to sometimes even see as a problem. For some, it’s about being independent and self-sufficient, and for others, it’s the notion that asking for help means failure. Whatever the reason for refraining from it is, it’s important to note that asking for help isn’t a bad thing.

In terms of weight loss, many patients express anguish in seeking the advice of a medical professional for help in achieving their weight loss goals. “I feel like I should be able to do this myself,” and “It seems like no matter what I do I stay the same” are just a couple of common sentiments expressed by individuals that may mark negative feelings of self-worth and low perceived competence. This manner of negative thinking can actually inhibits patients’ abilities to find success and grow their positive self-image throughout the duration of their journey, as they are left with a sense of sorrow and despair, two feelings that are damaging to a successful lifestyle shift. It is imperative to find peace with one’s self, and that begins with addressing and accepting the things that you may need a helping hand in accomplishing.

Ever had someone come clean your house for you? Ever googled a question or had your hair cut in a salon? While these may seem unrelated, engaging in any of these activities is actually similar to asking for the helping hand of a medical professional in terms of weight loss. Have you ever felt guilty after a haircut because you have a pair of scissors at home and could’ve cut it yourself? Probably not. Hairdressers are experts in hair cutting, as are Bariatric Physicians in the fields of weight loss and weight management. Each of these people have taken the time to undergo extensive training to master their craft; not taking advantage of their expertise would be a waste of resources! There’s no shame in seeking a professional opinion – they didn’t study the field to keep their knowledge to themselves!

Growing comfortable with the idea of asking for assistance is a major step forwards in terms of heightening your self-image and propelling yourself forward. As much as we may like to believe so, we can’t accomplish everything alone, and once this is accepted wholeheartedly, peace begins to settle in and we can begin to truly focus on ourselves. Don’t allow pride to get in the way of achieving your goals, because if you do, you risk not achieving your goals at all. Remove the stigma behind asking for help and look at it as enrolling in a class. At the end of your “course,” you will be measurably more knowledgeable about health practices, and even have application experience. Receiving advice from a physician doesn’t devalue your weight loss experience, it enhances it. Upon crossing the theoretical finish line, you will have made mental and physical changes so significant that it will not matter how difficult the journey may have been; what will matter is your newfound perspective and improved health state.

Take the plunge and don’t look back, you’ll be glad that you did. Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge from the right person to get ourselves on the right track. If anything, asking for help is a sign of strength – it shows that you’re determined to change.


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