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There are many options and countless ways to lose weight. The voices in the marketplace scream loudly to try different diets, eat different things, and take different medications or supplements. This can leave the average person very confused and frustrated trying to navigate the options for weight loss. So, how do you avoid this struggle and choose the right one?

Think of many the important decisions in your life: often times, you will seek the advice of an expert or advisor. For instance, you may consult an Architect or a Contractor before building a home, or a financial advisor when planning for retirement. Losing excess weight is an important goal or concern for many people, and is no different than these examples. The good news is that there are weight loss experts available that can help you accomplish your weight loss goals and successfully navigate through the noise of weight loss: bariatric physicians.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to weight loss, because everyone is different! Weight loss plans that generalize their guidelines should raise a red-flag that the program may not be suitable for all people. Here are just a few questions that real medical weight loss doctors suggest you consider when determining whether or not a program will work for you:

1. Does this program consider my health history?

Certain preexisting conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and more have the potential to affect the way that your body reacts to certain foods. For instance, those with diabetes may require modification to some meal plans to accommodate for their body’s needs. Considering a person’s health history is imperative to ensuring that they see success and do not put themselves at risk for other problems.

2. Will this program provide me with the tools necessary to sustain my weight loss over time?

Avoid programs that rely on an unbalanced diet and do not transition into a plan for maintenance. Although weight loss may occur on any given diet, a lack of guidelines for how to sustain one’s weight loss is likely to lead to rebound weight gain.

3. Is this program sustainable for my lifestyle?

Personal preference plays a big role in the effectivity of a weight loss program. For instance, you may lead a busy life where it is not possible to accomplish certain programs’ standards of working out multiple times per day. Choose a program that takes your life and your personal preferences into account.

4. Is this program proven to work?

If the program that you are thinking about beginning does not have medical proof for its effectivity, we suggest looking into other options. The safest and most effective programs have been tested, studied, and are recommended by doctors.


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