Botox® by Body Part: Where Can You Get Botox Injections?


Here are the most common areas of the face you can receive Botox injections.

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Wrinkles and fine lines happen to everyone — but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about them. Here are seven of the most common areas Botox® can treat and how they can restore your youthful appearance.

Frown Lines

These vertical lines appear between your eyebrows and can make you seem angry, annoyed, or tired. Botox smooths these lines out and diminishes their prominence.

Forehead Lines

These horizontal lines are sometimes called “worry lines” because they occur when furrowing your brow. Botox reduces their appearance and helps you look more at ease.

Crow’s Feet

Small lines that extend from the corners of your eyes when you smile or laugh can give away your age. Botox eases these lines for a more youthful look.

Chin Dimpling

Botox can be used to minimize the appearance of dimples or wrinkles in the chin for a smoother contour.

Smoker’s Lines

You don’t have to smoke to have smoker’s (or perioral) lines, which happens when you purse your lips or drink from a straw. Botox relaxes these muscles to help restore the definition of the area around your mouth.

Gummy Smile

This occurs when too much gum tissue is visible above the top teeth when you smile or open your mouth. Botox prevents too much gum from being exposed to achieve a more harmonious smile.

Neck Bands

You may notice bands or cords showing on your neck as you age. This happens when the platysma muscles start to sag. Injecting Botox into these muscles causes them to relax and become less visible.

Make the process of aging smoother with Botox. Book your free consultation today to learn if Botox is right for you.

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