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33 exercises to keep you toned without leaving your home that use household items

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33 exercises to keep you toned without leaving your home.

Being physically active is an important aspect of any healthy lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to require a gym membership or expensive equipment!

Physical activity looks different for everyone! In fact, it is the little habits that you do every day that have the most impact on how many calories are burned

– Anita Terlizzi, RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer

Download and print your FREE eBookHere, you can find 5 days’ worth of modifiable exercise circuits targeting your upper body, lower body, core, & cardio using household items such as:

  1. Canned goods
  2. Suitcase
  3. Chair
  4. Cooking pot
  5. Hand towel

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Patients on the RM3 weight loss program should limit this workout to 30 minutes per day. Always consult with your medical provider before beginning a new fitness routine.

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