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We’ve seen it all – from Paleo to Atkins, Juice fasts, detox cleanses, and even gluten free.There is no shortage when it comes to diet plans. While many of these diets may work short-term for the uber dedicated, most people rarely see prolonged success, if any at all. Red Mountain Weight Loss attracts hundreds of patients every year who have tried and failed to lose weight on their own. With the support of our medically supervised 3 step program and our highly trained staff they are now realizing and achieving their weight loss goals

Red Mountain Weight Loss patented program, RM3®, combined with a specialized diet plan, and the support of Doctors that specialize in Weight Loss has proven to not only help people lose weight, but sustain their weight loss overtime. RM3® helps to stabilize insulin levels, increase metabolism, enhance energy levels and decrease hunger. RM3® doesn’t just teach you how to eat, it introduces you to a whole new lifestyle.

Red Mountain Weight Loss has converted many weight loss skeptics into successful losers within just one month on RM3® Red Mountain Weight Loss provides so much more in its weight loss plan that it’s virtually untouchable by many other diet programs.

Here’s 5 factors that have contributed to the success of RM3®:

1. Medically Supervised
Red Mountain Weight Loss has an entire team of highly trained medical professionals. They even earned the Best of The Valley award for 4 years in a row as the best medical weight loss center in the valley. The doctors act as a reliable source of information for patients with a history of medical problems or challenges when it comes to losing weight. Additionally, all of the weight loss programs are medical-grade prescription based and are not available without Physician supervision.

2. Fast Results
Although the rate of weight loss is determined by your own metabolism, Red Mountain Weight Loss patients can lose up to 20 lbs or more per month, while many other diets may not produce that amount of weight loss in a whole year! RM3® boosts metabolism and accelerates fat burning – while preserving lean body mass.

3. Effective Maintenance programs to keep from regaining weight.
While some diet programs produce an initial weight loss much of the weight is often regained plus more! With RM3® you have an effective maintenance program and all the support you need to keep the weight off successfully.

4. Customizable Diet Plan
Red Mountain Weight Loss offers the opportunity for patients to interact with a medical professional who understands their unique needs and health requirements. Our weight loss programs can be customized to meet your individual medical needs and lifestyle.

5. Strenuous exercise not Required for Success
In fact, we warn against exhaustive exercise in most cases that involve RM3®. RM3® is so effective that strenuous exercise is not required for patients to lose weight, while they are on the program. Exercise is encouraged and incorporated during the maintenance phase of the diet program

Now, you’ve heard it from us, it’s time to see for yourselves! Schedule your consultation today and jump-start your weight loss journey with us! Can’t wait to see you!


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Don’t let your weight hold you back. Your guided journey begins here. Book your consultation today.

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