A Beginner’s Guide to a Good Skin Care Routine

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If you don’t already have a skin care routine, developing one may seem overwhelming. With so many products on the market, how do you choose and where do you start?

There are undeniable benefits to using products such as moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreen, & more. As such, we met with the medical aestheticians from Red Mountain to hear their advice for someone who wants to treat their skin well, but doesn’t know what to do.

Skin Care Tips for Beginners:

Make your routine enjoyable

Many people neglect their skin because they find that skin care routines can be long & complicated. Instead, make it something to look forward to!

First, begin your wind-down routine earlier in the evening as opposed to right before bed. This way, you won’t “forget” anything due to exhaustion. Furthermore, apply your skin care in a setting that is quiet & relaxing. Take your time when applying your products & use this time to reflect on your day, set goals, and practice self-love.

Keep things simple

Develop your skin care routine with a handful of staple products at first. Choose options that support overall skin health & can be used on a regular basis. Ensure that you are confident in your ability to use/apply these products, then slowly add more products as you become comfortable with the process. There is no need to overwhelm yourself at first!

Basic staple items include a few main categories: Products that cleanse, tone, & moisturize.


Cleansers allow the skin to maintain hydration & elasticity, unclog pores, and prevent breakouts through the direct removal of build up from the skin’s surface


Toners remove impurities such as oil, dirt, makeup, & more that may linger even after cleansing.  These products help exfoliate & balance the body’s pH through the application process too.


Moisturizers work to ensure that the skin is neither too dry or too oily. They improve the skin’s overall appearance & boost its repair mechanisms, resulting in fewer wrinkles & a softer texture.

Set yourself up for success

What you consume can affect your skin, so be sure that you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive! Even if you use the very best skin care products possible, a poor diet can cause breakouts, changes in skin texture, and more.

Stay organized

Dedicate a specific spot to your skin care in order to motivate you to make your routine habitual! Choose a place that is near a mirror, easy to access, and near other potentially necessary supplies such as cotton balls and washcloths.


Keep a Medical Grade Cleanser in your shower to make cleansing convenient & remind you to stay committed to your routine.


If you are struggling to determine what skin care products are best for your skin type, contact us to book a FREE consultation with one of our medical aestheticians where you will be able to create a custom skin care plan with the help of a licensed professional.

Red Mountain Med Spa Team

Article contributed by the Medical Aestheticians at Red Mountain.

This team of licensed aestheticians are highly trained, and share a passion for providing patients with an aesthetic experience that is empowering.

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