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Explore the top reasons why men should try CoolSculpting treatments.

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Men are certainly not immune to body image issues and the desire to enhance their appearance. While a healthy lifestyle remains key, sometimes stubborn fat accumulates despite our best efforts. This is where body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting® Elite can help.

Understanding Stubborn Fat

Many factors, such as hormones and genetics, affect how a man’s body stores and uses fat. Once adulthood is reached, the number of fat cells and where they are placed in the body becomes fixed. While lifestyle plays a significant role in how much fat is stored in fat cells, it cannot change the body’s actual number of fat cells and where they are stored. If efforts in the gym do not yield results, it might mean the fat cells are predisposed to resisting diet and exercise. Treatments like CoolSculpting Elite can help men do what they cannot do on their own.

How CoolSculpting Elite Works for Male Body Contouring

CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive treatment that freezes and reduces stubborn fat deposits across the body. It uses a technique called cryolipolysis to deliver precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively freeze fat cells beneath the skin. Once frozen, these fat cells are eliminated permanently via a natural process. The result is a more sculpted and trim appearance.

4 Things to Know About CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite Is a Trusted Procedure
CoolSculpting Elite is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment in the U.S. Over the past ten years, there have been over eight million treatments performed worldwide, many of which have been on men. With CoolSculpting Elite, you can freeze twice the stubborn fat in half the time. CoolSculpting Elite covers almost 20% more skin surface, targeting more fat cells in a treatment than traditional CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting Elite Targets Stubborn Areas
The treatment is FDA-approved to eliminate stubborn fat in nine body areas. The most popular CoolSculpting Elite treatment areas for men include:

  1. Belly Fat: Carrying excess weight around the stomach increases the risk of many health conditions like cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure. CoolSculpting Elite can help to accelerate the fat removal process in this problem-prone area through its highly targeted approach.
  2. Flanks: “Love handles” is another name for the fat that gathers around a man’s waistline. Even with routine exercise, the love handles are often hard to address. However, CoolSculpting Elite can effectively target men’s love handles by freezing the fat cells in this area. Men can lose up to 27% of subcutaneous fat cells in the love handle zone, making it an ideal treatment.
  3. Double Chin: Double chins and excessive neck fat affect approximately two out of three adults, many of which are males. Before CoolSculpting Elite, most male patients had to use liposuction to address double chins, neck fat, or jowls. The introduction of CoolSculpting Elite provides men with a safe, non-surgical option for reducing excess fat in the submental area.

CoolSculpting Elite Is a Non-invasive & Discrete Procedure
Another reason why CoolSculpting Elite is rising in popularity among men is that it’s a discrete, non-invasive procedure. “Procedures like CoolSculpting take effect gradually – that is, no one has to know you’re getting work – is a big reason for its skyrocketing growth,” reports Men’s Health.

CoolSculpting® Elite Is Efficient & Affective
CoolSculpting® Elite takes 35-45 minutes per problem area and can be done during a lunch break! No need to take time off from work!

Real Men, Real Results: Success Stories with CoolSculpting® Elite

“I love CoolSculpting® because there’s virtually zero recovery needed from the procedure. My body has absolutely changed, and my treatment areas have shrunk. I can even feel the difference between before and after. I am more confident wearing tighter clothes because my stomach doesn’t protrude as much. I’m feeling much more confident!” – Ian C.

 “Let’s face it, there’s no magic bullet for our ‘problem areas’– I had tried different approaches to get rid of the stubborn areas around my waistline with no success, including dieting, gym routines, and more. CoolSculpting Elite is an awesome treatment that targets stubborn body fat. – Aaron B.

Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting for Men

How Much Can You Lose with CoolSculpting Elite?
CoolSculpting Elite is FDA-cleared to eliminate excess stubborn fat in nine treatment areas: the abdomen, flanks, banana roll, inner/outer thighs, bra fat, upper arms, back, and the submental area (typically for double chin). Up to 25% of stubborn fat cells are eliminated from the treated area with each CoolSculpting Elite treatment. It’s important to note that CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight loss treatment, as it is used to lose inches, not pounds. Keep in mind any fat cell reduction that occurs from CoolSculpting Elite can be compromised by weight fluctuation.

Why Should I Choose CoolSculpting Elite Over Plastic Surgery?
CoolSculpting Elite is a noninvasive approach to eliminate fat on the body, which requires zero downtime, needles, or anesthesia. It is so easy that most patients read a book, continue work on their laptops, or take a nap during their treatment session.

Plastic surgery is invasive and has high risks with a long recovery time. Since it requires anesthesia, a plastic surgeon, and a surgical team, the cost of plastic surgery is significantly higher than the cost of CoolSculpting Elite treatments.

What Is the Difference Between CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone®?
The most significant difference is that CoolSculpting Elite helps eliminate unwanted fat, while CoolTone helps build muscle tone. Additional differences include:

CoolSculpting Elite CoolTone
What it does Treats stubborn fat that resists your best diet and exercise efforts. Stimulates muscle contractions to build, define, and strengthen muscle.
Treatment areas FDA-cleared to treat 9 areas of the body: under the jawline and chin, the upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flanks (love handles), abdomen, thighs, and under the buttocks (banana roll). FDA-cleared to treat 3 areas of the body: the abdomen, glutes, and thighs.
Results May see results as early as 1 to 3 months. May see results within a few days.
# of sessions 2 or more treatment sessions are recommended. 4 to 8 treatment sessions over 2 to 4 weeks, followed by additional sessions if desired.

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