What Type of Holiday Individual Are You?


The holidays bring out the best in us, but the worst in our diets. Learn how to combat weight gain over the holidays.

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The holidays bring out the best in us, but the worst in our diets. Whether you are out at a holiday party or writing holiday cards and online shopping, you’re susceptible to holiday eating. Read on to see which holiday personality you are, and how you can combat the dreaded holiday weight gain.

The Holiday Socialite

The holidays are the holiday socialite’s favorite time of year. You attend every holiday party, organizes Secret Santa, and hosts holiday dinners.

  • Eats When: There’s a social event.
  • How to Combat: Practice portion control to limit your caloric intake at parties.

Recommended Supplement: Ignite boosts your metabolism and energy levels to reduce fatigue.

The Holiday Perfectionist

You check your holiday list, and you check it twice! You has every present delicately wrapped, and holiday décor in perfect order.

  • Eats When: Stress eats if something isn’t perfect.
  • How to Combat: Use calming techniques, and train yourself to replace your eating habit with a healthy activity.

Recommended Supplement: Calm reduces stress.

The Holiday Soloist

You celebrate the holidays in your own way. You like to watch holiday movies by the fire, write holiday cards, and shop online.

  • Eats When: It’s late at night.
  • How to Combat: Choose healthy snacks at appropriate times throughout the day to keep hunger away.

Recommended Supplement: Carb Control aids in the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars.

The Holiday Grinch

Guilty of having the holiday blues, the season makes you irritable and lonely.

  • Eats When: Depressed and feeling blue.
  • How to combat: Practice mindfulness techniques.

Recommended SupplementCrave Control, also a mood elevator, gives you the strength to fight off cravings and addiction.

No matter what type of holiday individual you identify with, it’s important to learn how to mentally prepare for the holiday season so you can stay on track and avoid that dreaded holiday weight gain.


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