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Generally speaking, when we think of “spring cleaning” we think of our homes, cars, or even pantries. While these things are great & beneficial to get done, there’s one more thing that may need a little attention: your mindset.


As we settle into the year, our resolutions and goals may be beginning to get kicked to the sidelines, or may have even died out altogether. Don’t let your goals get pushed further and further, though: it’s the perfect time to get back into the groove of things! Follow these rules-of-thumb to ensure you’re on-track and ready to take on the world:


Have a constant reminder of your goal

Whether it’s a quote you keep on your phone that really stands for what you’re working towards or a physical reminder like a scale in your bathroom, keep something around that keeps you in-check and your goal at the front of your mind.


Anticipate obstacles and brainstorm solutions

Obstacles don’t have to be inhibitory barriers if you have a game-plan for how to overcome them! Successfully conquer anything that might get in your way by thinking-up a list of potential hardships and pairing them with potential solutions. This way, nothing will catch you by surprise and you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws at you.


Remind yourself of why you started

Not only should you be reminding yourself of your goal, but you should be reminding yourself of why you started. This is crucial as it continually motivates you to continue being persistent for whichever reason you originally began pursuing anything.


Physically rid of anything that may be a future inhibitor

Be it a stash of cookies or a toxic friendship, do a little soul-searching and decipher what exactly is holding you back from accomplishing your goals. Once this is decided, take the proper actions to eliminate or minimize risk, and continue moving forward. You’ve got this!


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