Get Back on Track After a Summer Slip

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Summer has arrived, and you’re ready to relax and rejuvenate with a vacation away. At home, you’re committed to your diet and don’t give in to temptation. However, on vacation, there is temptation everywhere: sugary drinks, decadent foods, and exotic local fare calls your name. Or, you’re visiting your friend’s house for a BBQ and the sizzling grill and smells are all wafting at your nose. Before you know it, you get off-track.

First thing to do is not to panic or beat yourself up! Any time you relapse on your health journey, you are presented with two choices:

  1. To keep “walking backwards”,or diving deeper into relapse, taking you even further away from your goals.
  2. Accept your lack of perfection as normal and forgivable, and take not one, but two, positive steps down the path that bring you closer to the body and future you want.

Step 1: Take Accountability

Have you stopped weighing yourself since your indulgences began? Have you stopped tracking your foods? Choosing today to be more accountable starts with facing and acknowledging any consequences of your past actions. It is important to recognize your mistakes and evaluate how it happened so that you can avoid the same outcome in the future.

Step 2: Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It happens! Getting off track is common, you’re not perfect, and you can still reach your goals. The key is to keep a positive mentality – do not beat yourself up. Research indicates that beating yourself up about past behavior is neither effective nor motivating. Calling yourself “fat”, “disgusting”, “a failure”, or any other nasty name is truly a recipe for overeating and continued weight gain.

Step 3: Press Your Reset Button

Take a moment to calm down, breathe, and let go of any feelings of panic or anxiety. Visualize a big red button inside your mind and picture yourself pressing it. You are now “re-booting” and starting your weight loss journey once again. Let go of the past and focus on the present.

Step 4: Change Your Self-Talk

Change your self-talk by being present and catching yourself next time you start the shame spiral. Begin to replace negative self-talk with self-compassionate thoughts that make you feel more enthusiastic, motivated, and inspired.

For example:
“Today is a new day.”
“I can start over today.”
“I am capable of losing weight.”
“I am back on track.”

Step 5: Get Back to Your Routine as Quickly as Possible

Get back to your old, effective routine, and focus on what works! Experts agree that routines can be both calming and important when getting back on track. The consistency that a routine brings allows you to avoid stress and create balance. The sooner you return to your healthy lifestyle, the less likely it is for you to experience another slip-up. Structure is key to getting back on track faster.

You can get back on track and lose your unwanted pounds. Believe in yourself and leave the past in the past. At Red Mountain Weight Loss, we are committed to helping you succeed. Stop thinking and start doing – you are worth it.

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