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Written by: Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kim Feinstein, RedMountain Weight Loss’s Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist


What is Procrastination?

The avoidance of doing a task that you want or need to accomplish. This avoidance most likely leads to feelings of guilt, self-doubt, depression, inadequacy, and shame. These feelings typically lead us in a downward spiral, which further interferes with our personal success, particularly with our weight loss goals.


Why do we procrastinate?

  • Feel overwhelmed by the task
  • The task is unpleasant
  • Perfectionistic attitude
  • You’re physically and/or emotionally drained
  • Lack decision making skills
  • Fear of failure: For example, afraid you are not capable of sticking to the diet and losing weight


What is Motivation?

According to Rollnick, Miller, and Butler (2007), motivation is a feeling of interest or enthusiasm that makes somebody want to do something. They further describe motivation as the biological, emotional, cognitive, or social forces that activate and direct behavior.


Are you motivated to take action? If you are currently unsure how motivated you are to lose weight or to exercise, use the “4 R’s of Motivation” to help you find out.


4 R’s Of Weight Loss Motivation


  • Relevant: Why is losing weight relevant in my life?
    • Ex: I can live longer; I will feel better, I can possibly come off of my (heart, diabetes, cholesterol) medication.
  • Risks: What are the risks or consequences if I remain overweight?
    • Ex: Health Problems, Depression, and Anxiety
  • Rewards: What are potential rewards or benefits I will receive or experience if I lose weight?
    • Ex: I can move easier with less physical pain, increased self-esteem.
  • Roadblocks: What are my barriers or obstacles to weight loss and how can I remove them?
    • Ex: Poor Time Management, Negative Self-Talk or Procrastination.


Have you found yourself nodding in agreement and realizing, “I do that?” Stay tuned for Dr. Kim’s part 2 blog on procrastination where she addresses ways for you to improve your habits of procrastination.



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Rollnick S, Miller WR, Butler CC (2007). Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients Change Behavior (Applications of Motivational Interviewing) New York: The Guildford Press.


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