Healthy & Happy  

Your Happy & Healthy Summer Guide

Here’s your guide to the healthiest & happiest summer, ever! Vacations will always be fun, and you can still stay on track with weight loss even when you’re taking a getaway. Create new moments and memories being your best self with Your Happy & Healthy Summer Guide.

Your guide is packed with tips on healthy eating while on vacation, fun summer infographics, challenges, and summer recipes, the Red Mountain Way! Discover “What Type of Vacationer Are You?” and try new recipes that are RM3®-approved, like the Spicy Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Bunless California Burgers, or Strawberry Mint Spritzer. “Stay Fit on Vacation” gives you tips on how to workout from a hotel, airport, or beach. We’ve got you covered no matter where you go or how you travel! Take the first step to becoming a healthier version of you by booking an appointment today.

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