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Robin F.
54.4 pounds lost

"When I started RM3® I could not believe how quickly and easily the pounds began to disappear!"



Gaining weight does not happen overnight; it is a process that happens over time and is very difficult to correct. As I neared my 30s, I noticed a few extra pounds creeping up on me every year. By the time I was in my 40s, I was seriously overweight and began trying various weight loss programs. Nothing worked. I would lose 15 – 20 pounds and then gain it right back, plus a few extra pounds. Now in my 50s, obese at nearly 180 pounds with degenerative arthritis in both knees, carrying around all that extra weight was making my life miserable. I was a candidate for a double knee replacement – something I definitely wanted to avoid! My wonderful husband, who has always tried to help me, suggested that I try the RM3 program.

When I started RM3® I could not believe how quickly and easily the pounds began to disappear! After losing my first 20 pounds, I began to feel much better and could start exercising more. After completing all three phases of the program, I now weigh 125 and the pounds are staying off! There have even been times when I catch a glimpse of a reflection in a window and wonder who that person is, and then realize it’s ME! I have lost 6 full dress sizes and can even wear my teenage daughter’s clothes, but one of the greatest honors of losing so much weight is that I have unwittingly been the inspiration for others to also make this journey to better health.

The RM3® program has literally saved my life and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with weight loss. The staff offers a high level of support to their patients and is able to give great advice and tips on how to have the most success during each phase of the program. Their food lists provide healthy choices and their online resources give you meal ideas to keep it interesting. I highly recommend downloading their app and using it every day to track your food and water intake, along with your exercise activities. Using it helped me remain conscious of what I was eating and ensured that I was staying within my allowable caloric intake.

After being overweight for so long and trying so many other failed diet plans, I never dreamed I could be this successful. The RM3® works as promised and is easy to follow. Having the support of the clinic’s wonderful staff and my family constantly cheering me on gave me the confidence to stick with the program. I contribute my success to them. Thank you for helping me regain my self-esteem and my life!

"Since losing 55 pounds, my health has dramatically improved and I feel years younger! My blood pressure, which was so high that my doctor was ready to put me on medication, is now in the normal range. Additionally, my BMI and body fat have gone down 10 and 15 percentage points, respectively. Losing so much weight has given me a great sense of pride in my accomplishment and my new appearance."

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