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Brian S.
128 pounds lost

"When I was heavier, I used to joke that I was the guy you sacrificed to save the group in a zombie apocalypse. I am happy to say that I’m not that guy anymore."



I have been dealing with weight issues since I was about eight or nine. My troubles started in fourth grade. I noticed that the regular lunch that my mother was packing didn’t seem to be enough to fill me up, so I asked her to start packing two sandwiches for me instead of just one. Of course, I had no idea what this would do to me and I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t either. I started growing heavier and my weight kept piling up ever since.

As an adult, there have been several programs that I tried over the years to solve my weight problem. I’ve seen various levels of success on all of them. While they all had different approaches, they did have one thing in common; I never truly learned about proper nutrition and how to keep the weight off once it was gone.

Things came to a peak on a family camping trip with my wife and children. Now, camping had always been a fun experience for me growing up. As a heavy adult, I’ve grown less and less fond of it. This particular trip was a miserable experience for me. I was 355 pounds and suffering from knee and foot pain. I had difficulty in moving about. When I did move, I found myself getting tired and winded quickly. Just moving from our campsite to the main building of the campground – which wasn’t a long distance away – was a difficult walk. I was grumpy, grouchy, and pretty much just a cantankerous old man.

I have a long commute to my work and I love to listen to the radio on my drive. I’d been hearing the commercials about RM3® for some time. I decided it was time to look into their programs and see if there was anything that they could do to help me. I am so very glad that I did.

Making the decision to visit with the medical practitioners here was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my family. The staff were welcoming and made no judgements at all about my size or state of health. They have been so wonderful to work with. I decided the RM3® program was what I needed, and I started it right away. I was concerned that I would run into issues with hunger and fatigue, but that was not the case. I saw immediate results, which encouraged me to continue with the program. I was determined to become a healthier man and make this work for me.

Eight months later, I have liberated my body of almost 128 pounds of useless fat. When I was heavier, I used to joke that I was the guy you sacrificed to save the group in a zombie apocalypse. I am happy to say that I’m not that guy anymore. Camping has even become a relaxing and enjoyable activity again.

Thank you to Dr. Bentz, the wonderful NPs and PAs, and all of the staff here! And a very special thank you to my parents, my family and friends for all of their support. You all gave me my life back!

"I weigh less now than I have been in over twenty-five years. I feel fantastic, and I can do so much more than I could before. Walking and running are no problems. Going up and down stairs is easy. Exercising is fun. I can join my kids on their bike rides, and I have begun a strength training program."

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