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Being overweight, even by just a few pounds, can lead to serious health problems, including high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. On top of it all, it can also take away from your energy levels and even your self-confidence.



If you are looking for a solution to your weight problem, it can be found at Red Mountain Weight Loss®, Frisco. As a medical weight loss facility, you will be placed under the care and supervision of a Bariatric Physician, assisted by a complete staff that is not just kind and supportive, but leading experts in the field of medical weight loss.

We know that some days can be challenging, which is why we stay with you every step of the way to help you keep on track. With Red Mountain Weight Loss®, your weight loss journey doesn’t end after you have reached your goal weight. After losing the weight, our goal is to help you maintain that success for a lifetime, finding a new plan that fits your current lifestyle while properly managing your new weight.

No matter if you are someone that has been easily discouraged by the diets your have tried in the past, have trouble sticking to a diet plan, suffer terrible cravings or more, we have an individualized plan that will work for you. Our patients enjoy RM3®, our patented weight loss program which helps both men and women alike lose up to 20 pounds or more per month as well as RM Lifestyle®, our most flexible, lifestyle driven plan yet. Many patients opt to enhance their programs through the addition of our medical-grade supplements, weight loss boosters including an exclusive Fat Burner PLUS Booster, and our own compounded and exclusive prescription appetite suppressants.

The complete list of medical treatments you are looking for are available right here in Frisco. Look and feel your best with the help of our medical professionals, and leave people wondering how you did it!

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