Navigating COVID-19 RMWL


New procedures to help keep you and your families safe.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus situation is changing rapidly, and to do our part to support social distancing efforts across the country, we have decided to suspend all in-person visits, and reduce walk-in visits, effective Saturday, March 21.

We have taken steps to put in place a new temporary “tele-health” system so that you will still meet with your licensed medical provider from the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home through a secure, online video conference. In order to set this up, please call us to request your video appointment.

Now available for all weight loss patients either coming to us as a new patient for your first consultation, or an existing patient needing to schedule a follow appointment, we believe this emergency protocol will still provide you every opportunity to stay on-track with your weight loss journey. This will allow you to see our medical weight loss professionals virtually, via computer or mobile device without having to come into our location, keeping both our patients and staff safe.

For those who are coming in for weekly shots, we will no longer be available to administer the injection for you. Instead, our locations will remain open during standard business hours for you to pick up your shots to self-administer at home. You may also purchase shakes, supplements, bars, or other retail products.

We are excited to be able to offer you a safe alternative for your next scheduled visit with our medical provider and we have taken steps to insure a smooth technical experience for you. However, we humbly ask for your patience with us if we do run into any issues as we roll out this temporary video process.

Please call your preferred location to convert your next appointment into a video conference.

Thank you,

The Red Mountain Team

Frequently asked questions:

Is the new video conference private?
Yes, Red Mountain’s new digital platform is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Will I still be able to get my medications?
We will be able to prescribe and ship all of our exclusive medications directly to your home. This will only be available for our proprietary prescriptions including:  RM3®, PHEN-XR, D-XR 75, D 25, PDM-40, and CRAVE XR.

How will I get supplements, vitamins or food?
Our locations will remain open exclusively for retail/takeout purchases of over-the-counter items such as RM3® approved shakes, supplements, protein bars, or other food items.

What if I don’t want to visit by video, how can I get an appointment?
Effective Saturday, March 21, we are suspending all in-person appointments with our licensed medical providers. If you prefer to conduct your appointment in-person please call us so that we can add to our waiting list to be scheduled in person once we resume standard business operations in accordance with guidance from local and federal authorities.

Is this new “tele-health” system available to anyone?
This is a temporary solution that we have made available for all Red Mountain Weight Loss patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we are offering this service for all first-time consultations, existing, and returning patients who reside in Arizona or Texas.

Publication date: March 21, 2020