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Lost 46 Lbs

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I am a walking, talking testimony that the RM3® diet does indeed work.

I am a survivor of Spontaneous Arterial Dissection, an extremely rare type of heart attack that does not involve the typical things that we are warned about to prevent heart disease, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Unfortunately, after this experience I gained weight during my recovery and after I went back to work.

I started at 150 pounds, which escalated to 180 pounds; I did not like looking at myself in the mirror and I abhorred the size 16 jeans I was having to wear. During a checkup with my cardiologist, I was gently encouraged to “lose a little weight” and when I reached the top end capacity for the size 16 jean I decided instead of spending money on a size 18 jean, I would rather invest in a weight loss program.

Thanks to the RM3® program I have been able to drop 50 pounds! Because weight gain can be a slow process, one does not realize all of the energy that is wasted when you have to consume it moving the excess from point A to point B; we just become conditioned in the exhaustion. Without having to lug all of that extra tonnage around, I am lighter on my feet and it is much easier for me to move in a more athletic fashion. My daily life has improved because I can look in the mirror and like what I see, I have met the instructions my cardiologist gave to me, and I get to enjoy that mischievous glint in my husband’s brilliant blue eyes when he looks at me.

I am a walking, talking testimony that the RM3® diet does indeed work. Because there is a whole team involved I believe that it will be easier for me to maintain the discipline of the ongoing change in eating habits; the incentives that I was offered to maintain the weight loss are also a very encouraging perk.

I have fulfilled the recommendation that I received by my cardiologist and may have been able to back away from weight-induced diabetes. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the doctors and scientists involved in the creation of the RM3® program. You have made shedding the tamales, pizza, and cheeseburgers a much easier mountain to overcome than if I had chosen another route. I don’t even miss bread anymore.



Because of the development of this program, I have been able to drop 50 pounds, cut my pant size in half, and am able to feel higher self-worth because I like what I see in the mirror and I have regained the mantle of “Hot Wife” again.

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