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Dr. Suzanne Bentz, founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss, had the pleasure of being interviewed by her alma mater, Texas Christian University (TCU) this past spring. In the interview, she details her journey in founding Red Mountain Weight Loss, and divulges key life lessons she has collected throughout her career. Find an excerpt of the interview below, and for the full story read the published article by Rachel Stowe Master in TCU Magazine.

As owner and chief medical officer, Bentz is heavily involved in operations and administration, but seeing patients is still her passion. Red Mountain has seen more than 250,000 patients to date.

“I’ve always been interested in health, but through my personal pain came my purpose and passion,” she said. “I think it was through my struggles with childhood obesity that it became very important to me to learn how to overcome and lead a healthy lifestyle, and that became my passion and desire to help other people as well.”

Bentz shared lessons she gained:

Learn to find your purpose. If it’s not clear to you when you begin on your path, you just need to continue and clarify your vision with every step. Find out what you’re passionate about and go after it fiercely with everything you have. Once you find your passion and purpose, seek excellence and mastery in that area.

To view all the lessons Dr. Bentz shared, visit TCU Magazine for the full article. 

As told to Rachel Stowe Master
Published Spring 2021, TCU Magazine