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How to Cook Vegetables | Clean Eating Kitchen with Jan D’Atri

In this episode of Clean Eating Kitchen, Jan D’Atri, Red Mountain’s Culinary Chef, teaches viewers how to easily prepare vegetables in a variety of ways: steamed, grilled & roasted.

How to Steam Vegetables: 3 Methods

Option 1: Bamboo Steamer

Line a bamboo steamer basket with a piece of parchment paper and add your veggies. Choose a pan that will fit the basket, add an inch or so of water, and set the steamer inside. On a stovetop set to medium-high heat, cook for about 6 minutes or until done.

Option 2: Stainless Steel Steamer Basket

Pour about an inch of water into a pot big enough to fit the basket. Then, add your steamer basket filled with vegetables and set the stove to medium-high heat. Cook for 6 minutes or until done.

Option 3: Microwave

Add a little water to a microwave-safe bowl, then add your veggies and cover. Microwave for approximately 4-5 minutes.

How to Grill Vegetables

Prepare your cast iron grill plate by spraying with a little zero-calorie cooking spray. Heat your stovetop to medium-high heat, then add your vegetables. Cook for about 5 minutes or until desired level of doneness is achieved.

How to Roast Vegetables

Spray a baking sheet with zero-calorie cooking spray, and then add your desired vegetables. Bake for about an hour in an oven set to 350 degrees.

Video Transcript:

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies! Steamed, grilled, or roasted  — let’s cook veggies so you’ll crave them!

Hi, it’s Jan D’Atri this is Clean Eating the Red Mountain Way!

Nutritious, heart-healthy, Red Mountain approved vegetables! Low-calorie condiments and seasonings, like red wine vinegar, lemon juice, no-sugar-added spices, and even packets of zero-calorie dressings. And the right cookware  — steamers, grills, and roasting pans. Well, they’ll all help carry you to your weight loss goals.

So, let’s go step-by-step: first, the steaming method! My new favorite way is a bamboo steamer basket. Just line the basket with a piece of parchment paper and add your veggies. The paper prevents the wood from absorbing the vegetable flavors, and steaming this way retains the flavor, shape, color, and nutrients. Choose a pan that will fit the basket, add an inch or so of water, and set the steamer right in. And cook for about six minutes right on the cooktop. These veggies taste so delicious, you don’t even need seasonings. But, if you like, a zero-calorie dressing is delicious.

Another method is to use a stainless steamer basket. Choose a pot where the basket fits just right, then add a little water to the pot. It’s perfect for steaming small artichokes, and you can serve them with no-calorie mayonnaise.

Your microwave will steam veggies too! Just add a little water to a microwave-safe bowl, add your veggies, and cover. I love using this microwave-safe topper — I just poked holes in a storage container and microwaved the veggies for four or five minutes.

Okay, let’s talk grilling: I’m using a cast iron grill plate, spray it with zero-calorie cooking spray. Then, add veggies that cook at about the same time. How can you resist this medley? Beautiful on a plate, and so good for you!

If you love the flavor of roasted veggies, I’ve got some ideas! Sheet pan cooking is a craze, and that’s because it’s so easy. Spray a baking sheet with zero-calorie cooking spray, and then add your heart-healthy vegetables. If you want to season them a little, you can use fresh herbs, a little salt & pepper, and even a spray of lemon juice. Wow, again, irresistible flavor!

So, let’s get a little fancy because veggies shouldn’t be boring! And this pinwheel is anything but. I’m using squash, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms. I’ve lined the pan with overlapping slices of vegetables, then I fill the center with the rest. To season, I’ve added garlic powder, some red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper. Then, bake for about an hour at 350 degrees. It’s almost too pretty to eat, right?

And here’s a neat idea for individual servings: Take a small springform pan, stack thin slices of squash, a layer of tomato and more squash, and bake the same way as the pinwheel. When done, you’ll end up with a little tower of goodness. Just lift it out, and boy does it look pretty on a plate, and so tasty!

So, here you go: steamed veggies, roasted veggies, grilled veggies, and fancied-up stacked veggies! All part of creative Clean Eating The Red Mountain Way!

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Jan D’Atri is Red Mountain’s official Culinary Chef, providing patients with a variety of instructional videos regarding how to cook healthy meals.

With an extensive background in the food industry as a restaurant owner, gourmet food distributor, and cookbook author,  Jan’s expertise is in high demand. In fact, she has been featured in various Phoenix media outlets including radio host on 92.3FM KTAR, Arizona Midday, Sonoran Living, Phoenix Magazine, and more.

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