Lauren G. Now Feels More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

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I’ve always had a little pocket of fat around my midsection that just wouldn’t go away. I ate healthy and exercised but didn’t see the results I wanted. There were many times when I’d be getting ready to go out, and my boyfriend would tell me I looked beautiful. But I’d see a tiny fat roll and didn’t want to wear the outfit I chose.

I booked a consultation at Red Mountain and met with Amanda C., a Medical Aesthetician, who listened to my concerns. She recommended CoolSculpting® to address the stubborn fat on my lower abdomen and love handles. We worked together to create a treatment plan to achieve my desired body contouring goals.

CoolSculpting® absolutely works, and I want to shout it from the rooftops.

On the day of my CoolSculpting® treatment, I brought my computer and worked while I was hooked up to the applicators. It was nice because I felt like my day was not disrupted. This made the whole process even easier!

When I began to see results, I got an immediate boost of confidence. I was excited to finally put on a bikini or an open-back shirt and feel comfortable in my own skin. I always knew the abs and flat stomach were there, so it was nice to finally see them when I looked in the mirror.

Ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good? Call (800) 239-7830 to book a complimentary consultation today!

Stephanie Bray

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