How Abi O. Regained Her Confidence With 4 Microneedling Treatments

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Abigail Ong Microneedling 2

I had terrible skin and cystic acne when I was younger. Not only did I have acne on my face, but it ran down my neck and back. As I got older, my acne disappeared, but I was left with noticeable scars and uneven skin texture, which didn’t make me feel very confident. I felt uncomfortable talking to people because I didn’t want them to focus on the acne scars. It definitely took a toll on me. I remember thinking, “What can I do to improve my acne scars?”

A family member told me about the Med Spa at Red Mountain and encouraged me to make an appointment. I met with Amanda C., a Medical Aesthetician, and she recommended microneedling to address my concerns. After my second microneedling treatment, I noticed a difference in my overall complexion. The texture of my skin had improved, and the dark spots began to lighten up. It was exciting to see the transformation. I couldn’t wait to come in for my next treatment.

My sister was one of the first to notice changes in my skin and complimented me about how good it looked. Whenever I would go back home to see my parents, they would tell me that my skin was brighter and smoother. My friends also noticed a difference, which made me feel great.

“Over time, especially as you get older, you want to always look good and take care of your skin.”

Today, I feel much more confident talking to people. It no longer bothers me to go outside without makeup anymore. When I do wear it, it’s easier to apply, especially around my neck area. I used to break out a lot there, but I don’t anymore. Another benefit I’ve experienced since having my treatment at Red Mountain is that I haven’t had to see a dermatologist!

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