Girl Scout Cookies Calories: The Dangers of Girl Scout Cookie Season

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Every year, all across America, citizens fall victim to their calculated trickery. Legend has it, if you open your front door when the bell-ringing ritual is completed, you’re doomed. Even if you pretend that your home is vacant when they visit, carefully avoiding the line of sight of the windows at all costs, you’re still susceptible to their wrath through office-targeting initiatives and centralized supermarket booths. Once you enter within the surveyable distance of their neatly-braided hair and symbolic patch-laden sash, there’s almost no turning back. Girl Scouts are every dieter’s worst nightmare.
It usually goes something like this:

As you approach, they entice you with their sweet, innocent smiles. Phase one, complete.

Next, after you inevitably decide to entertain the young salespeople, you become engulfed in the descriptions of Thin Mints®, Samoas®, and the Girl Scout brand’s newest cookie. Sample? Of course! You don’t want to be rude and object, right?

Then, just when you’re complimenting the cookies’ unparalleled flavor, they hit you with the “would you like to make an order?” with a huge grin adorning their face, eyes twinkling. If you’re like most people, you do one of two things: agree reluctantly, or decline and seek out the cookies later, either out of guilt or a persistent craving.

Girl Scout season comes in conjunction with the most crucial time in the year as it pertains to new lifestyle habit forming, and can wreak serious havoc. There’s something hypnotizing about those green cardboard packages of cookie sleeves that makes you pull just “one more” until you’re knee-deep in crumbs (and not to mention regret). Contrary to popular belief, Thin Mints® are named for their size, not for their calorie count – just one of their #1 selling cookie is 40 calories – 1,280 calories per box – and we all know you can never buy just one box.

Even as a motivated, goal-oriented individual, it is still a possibility you will be included as a purchase order in the Girl Scout’s over 200 million boxes expected to be sold. The Girl Scout’s sales pitch of teaching girls valuable life skills through raw experience and their devotion to using the proceeds to benefit society is pretty much irresistible. Often times, people buy the cookies just because they feel guilty that they aren’t putting their money towards the charitable cause being benefitted, so they shell out the cash for a box or two, putting their consciences to rest, but risking their health.
This Girl Scout cookie season, we challenge you to put your foot down in terms of cookie consumption. You’ve committed to a healthy lifestyle; don’t erase your progress for the temporary satisfaction of a sweet treat! There are countless alternatives that will leave you with the same feelings of fulfillment, both conscience-wise and in terms of taste.

1. Cash Donations
Second only to the cookies’ taste (for many), a great satisfaction comes from knowing that 100% of the proceeds from your cookie purchase stay local. Often times, this point is what reels customers in, as they feel guilty for declining and “failing” their neighbors. One of the most common justifications for cookie purchase is that it is “benefitting the community” and “for a good cause,” but there are other ways to benefit the community that don’t involve gorging yourself on Tagalongs®.

If you’re okay with saying no, politely tell whomever is trying to sell you cookies that you intend to donate money to a local charity of your choice in place of a cookie purchase. This way, your money is still being put to good use and your conscience will be laid to rest.

In the case that you’re not okay with telling young girl scouts “no” in fear of their puppy-eyed faces growing pouty with somber, offer to donate money directly to their cause. Because their goal is to raise money, it’s safe to say that they’ll find the free funding more than sufficient.

2. Donate your cookies
If you do end up getting sucked in to buying the dreadfully addictive seasonal treats, or already have, consider boxing and shipping them to our troops overseas or even donating them to a local food bank.
There are plenty of people that would love to have the opportunity to enjoy these American favorites; give them the opportunity! When you donate Girl Scout cookies, you’re doing twice the good – benefitting your immediate community and filling someone in need’s snack drawer. Plus, doing this is fun, interactive, and the kind of feel-good you can’t get by blindly donating.

3. Get your flavor fix with protein drinks and bars
If you’re known to succumb to purchase because of the great flavors, try making a healthy swap! Protein Bars and Drinks are a great option, as they are low calorie, nutritious, and come in great flavors. RedMountain Weight Loss offers a variety of delicious and healthy treats that act as perfect swaps!


*Protein bars are not approved on RM3® or HCG

Stay strong this cookie season; you are better than your cravings! Supporting the Girl Scout organization is fine and good, but there are smarter ways to do it than purchasing an armful of boxes. Next time you’re confronted by a Girl Scout, whether it be at home or at the supermarket, use these tips as a means to stay on track with your health.


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