Benefits of the Exclusive Weight Loss Control Kits by Red Mountain Weight Loss

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You’ve worked so hard to reach your ideal weight, so don’t let anything get in the way of maintaining it! After finishing a Weight Loss Program at Red Mountain Weight Loss®, or even if you are just looking to improve your body’s wellness and metabolic rate, it is important to use products which work to further improve your body’s functions. Supplements such as those in the Control Kit, exclusively available at Red Mountain Weight Loss® are perfect for this purpose. In fact, each Medical-Grade Supplement has been studied and recommended by a variety of doctors and medical personnel for treating obesity while also slowing the effects of aging, boosting the metabolism and much more.

The Control Kit is comprised of Fat Burner+ Boosters and 4 essential Vitamins & Supplements: Resveratrol, Carb Control, CLA and Carnitine Metaboost. When taken together on a regular basis, patients have noticed positive changes in their wellness. Each product works in symbiosis to provide an overall greater quality of life, explained below:


An antioxidant that is thought to help reverse obesity-related disease as well as boost the metabolism. Other effects that have been studied are anti-aging effects, a boosted immune system and a lowered risk of cancer.

Carb Control

Helps to reduce the absorption of starches and glucose. This product is beneficial for everyone, especially those who struggle with controlling their carbohydrate intake. Altogether, this leads to a better success in weight loss and prevention of a weight-gain relapse.


Improves the body’s natural fat metabolism while promoting and maintaining lean muscle growth.

Carnitine Metaboost

Carnitine helps turn stored fat into energy resulting in a decrease in body fat mass boost fat burning as well as promotes brain health. Lower cholesterol levels, reduced fatigue, heightened endurance and improved heart health are all additional benefits as well.

Whether you have just completed your weight loss journey or simply want to improve your overall health, the Control Kit is a perfect solution to help anyone do so.

Stop into any Red Mountain Weight Loss® location to pick up your very own Control Kit!


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