Our Culture & Mission

At Red Mountain Weight Loss®, we are fully committed to building and upholding the Gold Standard in each and every aspect of our practice. For this reason, we work diligently to create and sustain an environment and culture which promotes growth, is uplifting, and brings out the best in people.


Our culture is one of both fun and excitement and one that brings each of a sense of personal fulfillment, joy, and pride in accomplishments. We wish to relay the message that all people should be comfortable in sharing their ideas and aspirations with us, especially being that we are a goal-oriented practice. We like to practice what we preach in terms of the necessity of surrounding yourself with positivity, and strive to be communicative in the support which we have to give to others. It is our belief that success is built on a platform of support, and therefore strive to take the necessary steps to not only internally build this firm foundation, but help others build it for themselves, too.


Providing a nurturing and safe environment so that individuals feel comfortable and energized is one of our top priorities. We do this through a commitment to mutual respect, clear communication, and teamwork. By being open-minded and mindful in our conduct, each person involved in our business is guaranteed to feel that their thoughts and opinions have been listened to and considered with fairness.

Diversity & Inclusivity

It is imperative to our everyday endeavors that we keep in mind the ever-changing landscape of society and marketplace, staying open-minded in all aspects of our business. The 21st century has brought about massive leaps in cultural and social equality, and we are devoted to supporting these causes by advocating for peer-to-peer respect and overall comfort.


Our priority is to provide comfort and stability to the lives of those who enter our practices, work in our offices, or are touched by our messaging. At no point do we intend to degrade, suppress, or otherwise upset a third party; actually, all of our practices and general company culture advocate against such negative tactics. In fact, we feel the obligation to move against the grain and help others through overwhelming positivity. Our business is different in that we refuse to use misleading tactics and false claims to generate attraction, and actually work from the inside-out to allow our practices and testimonials to speak for themselves. It is understood that trust is something earned, not given, and we strive to earn this through raw, honest practices such as face-to-face communication and clarity.

Creativity & Innovation

We wish not to get “stuck in our ways,” and are always looking for new means of implementing and promoting growth. Creativity and Innovation are high on our list of values, and we have high interest in being at the forefront of new technologies, medical advancements, and even general business practices which will help us be more efficient in everyday life. Our practice intends to provide the most up-to-date training methodologies and knowledge to our staff and consumers alike as to ensure regulations are being met and patients are experiencing the best results possible for them. Related to innovation, we motivate those around us to embrace their creativity because we understand that it is through allowing your ideas to thrive that we can harness the power of creativity and apply it to our business and practices, setting us apart from the rest.