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Thanksgiving Serving Sizes

Thanksgiving is a holiday where eating can get easily out of control. With a plethora of delicious foods, the temptation to stuff yourself and fall off your diet is dangerously there. But take this opportunity to stick to your diet– after all, it is only a day, and you can do it! Here’s our Top 3 tips on how you can enjoy the tastes of Thanksgiving and overcome those Thanksgiving temptations.

Enjoy the turkey–healthily.

When choosing your protein for the night, go for the turkey, but don’t indulge in dark meat or the skin. Choose white meat, and portion control 3-4 oz., approximately the size of the palm of your hand.

Bring your own sides.

We’ve got plenty of recipes that will leave you drooling! From Cauliflower Stuffing to Hearty Garlic Greens, these healthy Thanksgiving recipes will leave your family and friends jealous to have some. Opt to bring your own sides so you won’t give in to temptation on the table. Portion out ½ a cup of each side to ensure you’ve got your vegetable intake for the day.

Skip the pies.

The average slice of a pie is roughly 350-500 calories! Skipping the pie, doesn’t mean skipping dessert. Try our Sautéed Cinnamon Apples instead, and celebrate how sweet and healthy, this option truly is.

Now that you’re ready to stick to your diet during your Thanksgiving feast, make sure to prepare for the aftermath! Check out our Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide.