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How to Host a Healthy Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Plan to have a healthy one! Here’s our top five tips for hosting a healthy Thanksgiving.

1. Plan Your Menu with RM3®-Approved Recipes

Our blog and RM Recipe app have delicious RM3®-Approved Recipes that are worth savoring on Thanksgiving Day. From a side like Cauliflower Stuffing to an entrée like Turkey Cutlets with Rosemary and Thyme, to finishing up with sweet Sautéed Cinnamon Apples, you won’t have to sacrifice that Thanksgiving flavor with these healthy options.

2. Create a Shopping List

Once you design your menu, you can layout each ingredient you need. Create a shopping list of all the healthy items you will be cooking with. Pro tip: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, meaning stick to the produce and protein aisles, to ensure you are cooking with the freshest, healthiest ingredients.

3. Recruit Help to Stay on Track

When thinking of the guest list, make sure to invite loved ones that support your healthy journey. Be open about your healthy Thanksgiving and encourage guests to bring healthy dishes, too.

4. Decorate in Advance

One of the most stressful tasks for hosting a healthy Thanksgiving is ensuring that every detail in the décor is just right. Combat this holiday stress by decorating a few days in advance. Preview your healthy Thanksgiving dinner by setting up the table just how you like it.

5. Have a Plan for Leftovers

Thanksgiving happens one day a year, and it should not extend into a multi-day eating festival. Make a plan for leftovers by purchasing reusable containers or brown bags ahead of time so your guests can take home healthy dishes the day-of.

You might be ready to host a healthy Thanksgiving, but are you prepared to stay on track with your diet? Learn more about Thanksgiving Serving Sizes.