“I started RM3® after I saw a close friend of mine succeed on the program. I have been dieting all might life, I have tried every diet out there – Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Atkins you name it. I have been “dieting” most of my life, I have always been overweight and knew that I needed to get healthy for myself and also to be healthy for future children. I struggled with weight loss because it seemed that every program I tried I failed at, I blame this partly on my Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which makes its very hard to lose weight. We got married last year and before we got married I had gained and lost the same 30ish pounds over and over with diet and exercise, but for the life of me I couldn’t get any lower. I had just gotten married and my husband and I decided we wanted to have children in our near future so I decided that it was time for a change and I signed up for RM3® 2 months after the wedding. I did RM3® for 6 months (with a month break due to a long vacation) and I lost 79.8 lbs, added to my other weight loss that was over 110 lbs! Not only did I lost over 100lbs, but I lost over 46 inches, yes – 46!!! I couldn’t believe that I would ever be able to lose that much weight, I even had to clean out my whole closet-not because clothes were too tight, but because they no longer fit me for the first time in my life!! I love going into a store and being able to buy clothes off the rack, I cried the first time I was no longer in “plus size”.
I enjoy being more active now, I am able to work out and not be winded, I don’t have all the extra weight to carry around. I crave different types of food now and know that good foods can taste just as yummy as the junk — my husband says I’ve become a “foodie”. I am overall more healthy and the best part is that my PCOS has greatly improved, even my doctor was amazed at my labs values! I would highly recommended RMWL to anyone and everyone! In fact, whenever people ask me how I lost the weight I tell them RM3®! The medical team was very supportive and helped guide me through this journey! I can’t thank them enough for the positive feedback and encouragement! I really enjoyed going and chatting at my appointments. In the beginning I was “one of those” who would call or email the office and ask questions and never once was I made to feel like I was bugging someone with silly questions, everyone was always so friendly!
Thank you for truly helping change my life.”