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Real Talk about Weight Loss | Episode 3: How Do I Lose Weight and Keep it Off?

Weight loss & weight management can be difficult & stressful, but the doctors of Red Mountain are here to provide guidance & helpful tips, tricks, and resources! In this episode of Real Talk About Weight Loss hosted by Carey Pena, Emmy award winning news anchor & journalist, Dr. Suzanne Bentz, Dr. Kim Feinstein, and Dr. Shelly Messer talk about the most frequently asked topics regarding how to lose weight and keep it off.

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In the meantime, enjoy 5 tips you can use now to lose weight and keep it off!


1. Eat more vegetables, every meal, everyday

According to the CDC, 9/10 adults don’t get enough fruits of vegetables, which is a shocking statistic, considering vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Plus, vegetables are low-calorie and low-fat, ultimately making you feel fuller and worry-free about the extra calories. Add a serving of vegetables to each of your daily meals.

2. Eat a breakfast of champions

Not a breakfast person? It might be time to become one. By eating breakfast, you can rev up your metabolism, feel fuller throughout the day, reduce cravings and snacking, and allow your body more time to burn calories. Remember to eat a healthy breakfast, and opt for protein and fiber when designing your breakfast meals.

3. Skip sugar…and sugary beverages

According to NBC News, Americans consume more than 19 teaspoons of sugar a day, when the recommended amount is 6 for women and 9 for men! Sugar lengthens your waistline because it lacks nutrients, and so you’re essentially consuming empty calories, and consuming even more because the empty calories don’t allow you to feel as ‘full’ as whole foods. In addition, a sneaky culprit of sugar are sugary beverages. Monitor your intake of soda, juice, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages like cocktails. A drink of each during a meal, three times a day, adds up to an additional 400-600 calories daily.

4. Skip emotional eating, practice mindful eating instead

Emotional eating is more common than you think, and the cliché of the movie star eating a pint of ice cream when he or she is sad, is pretty relatable. Whether you emotionally eat when you’re stressed, anxious, sad, tired, lonely, or bored, you can overcome emotional eating. Start keeping a food diary to monitor your moods and eating times, eat slowly to monitor when you start feeling full, and experiment with new flavors to enhance the experience of healthy eating.

5. Redesign your food environment

Your environment definitely influences your food choices. Cooking at home and meal prepping is key to weight loss success. When you go out to eat, you’re not only susceptible to temptation, you’re also faced with larger portion sizes and sugary options. Serve yourself smaller potions at home, and meal prep at least once a week. Try new Red Mountain recipes.