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Red Mountain Weight Loss’s Arrowhead Weight Loss Center offers medical support to help you achieve success on your weight loss journey. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, so our team of licensed medical providers review your overall health history, personal weight loss goals, and general lifestyle so you can be prescribed the right weight loss program and be on your way to a better version of you.

In our medical weight loss facility, you’re under the care of licensed medical professionals. This means that we are prepared to help you promote good health and lose weight. Our highly qualified licensed medical staff has the experience to help you stay on track. Red Mountain Weight Loss will be there with you every step of the way to motivate and educate you so you can achieve your goals safely and quickly — and sustain them for life.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs


Red Mountain Weight Loss Arrowhead can help you get past all the barriers to weight loss. Being at your healthy weight is going to help you feel more energetic and confident.

Maybe you’ve heard Red Mountain’s patient success stories from your friends or coworkers, or maybe you’ve heard them from one of your favorite radio personalities. If you have, you know how life-changing the process can be. Our comprehensive and effective medical weight loss programs allow you the opportunity to explore activities you were unable to do before and become more confident. Red Mountain Weight Loss is the best place to visit for fast, safe, and effective weight loss.

Not only does Red Mountain’s weight loss center offer medically supervised weight loss plans and supplements. Our Red Mountain Med Spa® offers injectable services such as Botox®, Juvéderm®, Kybella®, and more. We also have medical-grade skincare available to purchase, including our own RM branded line. Red Mountain is all helping you look and feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Weight Loss Glendale, AZ

Will I be under the care of a licensed medical physician?

Yes. As a new patient, you will meet with one of our licensed medical providers. Our medical professional will review your overall health history, personal weight loss goals, and general day-to-day lifestyle to ensure that you are prescribed the right weight loss program for you and your needs.

What programs are offered at the Arrowhead Weight Loss Center?

We’re proud to offer a range of Arrowhead medical weight loss programs.

  • RM3®: Our signature 3-step program which features our patented medication and a guidebook with diet plan, along with additional resources for success. Patients may lose as much as 20 pounds or more each month.
  • RM Lifestyle®: The RM Lifestyle program is more flexible, but you will still be under the supervision of one of our medical providers. The program includes recommended medications and supplements to support an individualized macronutrient diet plan encompassing a balance of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Is an appointment required for the initial consultation?

Yes. As a new patient, you will meet with a licensed medical provider by appointment at our Arrowhead location or by video from the privacy and comfort of your home.

How long does an initial consultation typically take?

The consultation takes approximately 90 minutes. During this visit, the medical provider will review your health history, weight loss goals, and lifestyle. Based on the findings, you will be prescribed the best program for your needs. You can request a consultation in-person or by video.

If you are ready to get started, contact our Arrowhead location today to request to schedule an appointment. You can also get in touch with us on our website to request your initial appointment.

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