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17570 N. 75th Ave., Ste. 650 Glendale, AZ 85308 US

If you’re looking for medical weight loss in peoria AZ or Glendale, Red Mountain Weight Loss has you covered. The Arrowhead Mall is just a short drive away, and it has just about everything you could ever need – including a Glendale, AZ medical weight loss center.

Red Mountain Weight Loss Arrowhead is just another great, convenient addition to the community’s resources. It’s the medical help you have been searching for to melt pounds off – whether you need to lose those stubborn last 10 or 15 pounds, or have a much bigger goal.

Red Mountain Weight Loss Arrowhead offers individualized programs to help every patient – man or woman – get rid of excess weight. We’ll help you set a realistic goal weight and timetable to get you exactly where you want to be. We know that there’s not just one way to lose weight, which is why we carefully match each plan to the individual. Whether you want a more flexible eating plan or a rapid start to get you motivated, we have the perfect solution.

*Be sure to ask about our patented prescription medication and 3-Step Program – RM3®, which is designed for patients to experience up to 20 pounds or more of weight loss per month.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs


In our medical weight loss facility, you’re under the care of bariatric medical personnel, which means that prescription drugs and weight loss shots, in addition to supplements which promote good health and help you overcome cravings, are available to help make dieting easier. The highly-qualified professional medical staff has the experience to help you keep on track or, if needed, get you back on track. Red Mountain Weight Loss and their staff will be there with you ever step of the way to motivate and educate you so that you can achieve your goals safely and quickly, and maintain them too.

No more being defeated by diets – no more slow starts, no more post-overindulgence guilt — Red Mountain Weight Loss Arrowhead can help you get past all those barriers and more. Carrying around excess weight has the power to drain your energy and make you feel like you just don’t look your best. Being significantly overweight or obese can mean the risk of serious health problems like Type II Diabetes or heart disease. Being at your proper weight is going to make you healthier, more energetic and give you confidence.

Maybe you’ve heard Red Mountain’s success stories from your friends or coworkers, or maybe you’ve heard them from one of your favorite sportscasters or radio personality. If you have, you know how life-changing the process can be. Their comprehensive and effective weight loss plans have given men and women alike the opportunity to explore activities they were unable to do before, become more confident, and in many cases, get them off of medications for their blood pressure, thyroid and other illnesses. Red Mountain Weight Loss is the best place to visit for fast, safe and effective weight loss.

Not only does Red Mountain’s weight loss center offer medically-supervised weight loss plans and supplements, they also have medical staff who administer injectable products like Botox®, Juvéderm®, Kybella® and more. Further, they have medical-grade skin care available to purchase, including their own RM branded line! Red Mountain is all about keeping their patients in the best shape and making them feel as confident as possible.

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