“When I went to the doctor weighing almost 230lbs and was told that I still had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was borderline diabetic, I became angry and disgusted with myself. My feet would swell and I was constantly constipated with an upset stomach. All I did was sleep and work. I knew something had to change.
I decided to start RM3® and I have lost 52 lbs since then! I now have more energy, my mood has improved drastically, I haven’t had any GI problems and my anxiety is severely lower. I am able to do more during the day, and both my sleep and memory have improved. I actually had to go shopping to get all new clothes and shoes because everything I had was too big! I am no longer an emotional eater, and have learned to use physical activity to cope with everyday stress.
One of the most valuable aspects of my weight loss success is seeing my 13 year old daughter who is slightly overweight become motivated to change her life style alongside me. I have and will continue recommend RM3® to help others help and improve their health. What sets this practice apart from other weight loss products and centers is I was able to see the results as quickly as was promised. In the past, I would follow the plan and did not see any results which were discouraging. The staff is very personable and welcoming which also helped me to feel comfortable asking questions and being honest. I have had an amazing experience!”