Weight Fluctuation: Summer Weight Loss Rollercoaster

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Some prefer the smoother, less-intense rides, and others live for the thrill of it. Sometimes, people just come because they are asked to be there, but end up having the absolute time of their lives. Some swear they’re just not cut out for it, but there’s always something for everyone to invest in and enjoy.

While they’re generally open year-round, theme parks have their busiest season during the summer. For whatever reason, people feel as if the warmer days and clearer skies are the best conditions for big smiles and speed-induced squeals — much like many feel that summer is the time to really start caring about their health and wellness.

We love summer for it’s easy-breezy impulse-driven feel, but there’s something about tank tops and jean-shorts that leave us cringing at their very mention. Summer has the power to induce a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from happiness at the warm weather to pure dread at the idea of poolside BBQs.

The summer weight loss rollercoaster is an adventure many embark on, though few know how to manage. The impulsivity of summer matched with the necessity of structure in a weight loss or maintenance plan is a recipe for the “maybe next year” end-of-season mindset. While the drive to be swimsuit-ready may be high, the temptation of tortilla chips and salsa has a tendency to suppress an unfocused dieter’s drive. As the days pass and the summer sun shines bright, we must remind ourselves constantly of the benefits and drawbacks of our actions to not fall victim to the summer weight loss rollercoaster.

Tales of success are not written in days of hard work and punctuated by ‘cheat meals’ and poor decisions, but are rather stories of perseverance and consistency. There may be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ path to success, but there are surely certain activities (or lack thereof) that should be avoided as a general rule for most. Though the road to health is not the same for everyone, there are several similarities in said roads that deserve to be noted.

Especially during the summer, proper hydration is absolutely necessary! Insufficient water intake has the power to cause dizziness, lack of concentration, and excessive fatigue, as well as premature aging and increased risk of cancer. If that’s not enough to get you to grab a water bottle the next time you’re leaving the house, just know that water intake has been linked to an increase in metabolism – meaning your weight loss struggle could be made easier with each sip you take.

Portion Control
There’s no time of year with more backyard pool parties than sweet summertime – meaning you’re more surrounded with endless calorie-filled appetizers than ever! If you have issues resisting the food table, do yourself a favor and track what you’re eating. This way, you have a solid representation of what you’ve been consuming, and can more readily judge when you should be cutting yourself off from the oh-so-delicious pigs in a blanket and artichoke dip. Remind yourself, and as Dr. Bentz always says, “the first bite or two is the best, nothing tastes quite as good after that.”

Consistent Activity
No, being “super good” on Monday does not give you a free pass to overeat on Saturday, nor does burning “extra calories” than your goal mean that eating a pint of ice cream for breakfast has been “earned”. There is no making-up or balancing game associated with a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you will inevitably have more active days than others, however this does not mean that good behavior should be rewarded with poor choices. Consistency is key when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Managed Stress
Stress is often un-anticipated, yet almost always plays a role. Being linked to weight gain, it is important that individuals explore what works best for them in terms of managing stress and making sure its effects do not cause a deterrence from their weight loss goals and plans for healthy living. Especially for stress-eaters, taking up things like journaling, yoga, or afternoon walks are great ways to alleviate the stress of daily life and keep from stress-induced weight gain.

Impulsivity can be fun in some areas of life, but is not effective in terms of achieving set goals. To be successful in conquering the summer weight loss rollercoaster, having a set game-plan is crucial to making sure you are on-track. Mix things up in terms of daily activities and meals, but be sure that you are staying on-track by engaging in consistent weigh-ins, self-reflecting, and hitting your caloric intake and activity targets on a daily basis.


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