How to Host a Farm-to-Table Dinner


Host a farm-to-table dinner by setting an ambience and sourcing your RM3® friendly, spring-inspired meals from your garden or local farmers market.

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Spring is the perfect time to be outside and enjoy fresh food with friends! Take advantage of the weather and seasonal produce by hosting a farm-to-table dinner with locally sourced (farmed or home) grown food. Here’s how to host a perfect farm-to-table dinner.

1. Set an ambience

The first thing you want to do with hosting your farm-to-table dinner is to create an atmosphere. Rustic vibes can be accomplished by taking care of small details such as mason jars for drink ware or centerpieces, hand-written name or menu cards, and bohemian blankets and pillows on the ground – wood pallets optional. To achieve a cozy, outdoor feel, incorporate fresh, colorful bouquets of flowers on the table, and hang up string lights and lanterns for a cozy, lit-up space. Ultimately, you want your guests to feel welcomed and excited for the night to come.

2. Set an RM3®-approved menu that’s inspired by the spring season

Next, is the crucial step of curating a menu. Create an RM3®-approved menu that’s inspired by the spring season. Spring foods that are in season and RM3®-approved include: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, onions, kale, spinach, celery, lettuce, apples, and strawberries. Adding a Lobster Salad incorporating your leafy greens, with homemade Strawberry Vinaigrette, and pairing with a Mojito Mocktail would be a lovely and decadent pairing to the menu. Refer to the Red Mountain Recipe app® for hundreds of recipes for inspiration, from appetizers to entrees, to desserts. Take your time in picking your items, and keep in mind that seasonal ingredients will make your dishes stand out even more with flavor and inspiration.

3. Source ingredients

Review your menu and see which ingredients you can shop and source local ingredients from your garden and/or local farmer’s market. Consider utilizing aromatic herbs that will sure to make your dishes pop, from basil to rosemary to mint. You can use various herbs in different dishes, like Shrimp with Mint and Cilantro, and can even include them in the drinks you serve (fresh mint in Mojito Mocktails, for instance).

4. Host and have fun

Don’t forget party favors for your guests! Consider filling mason jars with a bouquet of fresh flowers and your favorite herb seedlings that they can take home to nurture for their own garden. Personalize with a hand-written note, along with your favorite inspired RM3® recipe.


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