Welcome to Red Mountain!

Thank you for trusting Red Mountain as a partner in your weight loss journey. As one of the largest medical weight loss practices in the U.S., we look forward to providing you with the expertise and resources needed to achieve your goals and realize your healthiest, most beautiful self.



  1. Once you have signed into your appointment, you’ll enter the waiting room. A Medical Assistant will soon greet you, record your vitals, and provide an overview of our programs.

  2. A Licensed Medical Provider will review your health history, weight loss goals, and lifestyle in order to prescribe the best program for you.

  3. You will wrap up your appointment with a Medical Assistant to receive desired medications, confirm next steps, and answer any final questions before concluding the appointment.
  • USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP – Unfortunately, cell phones and tablets frequently create technical difficulties that can interfere with your appointment.
  • REFRESH YOUR INTERNET BROWSER (SAFARI, CHROME, FIREFOX, ETC.) – Sometimes your browser doesn’t connect to your microphone or your speakers properly. Make sure you are on a private password-protected connection.
  • SPEAKERS – Make sure you can hear sound from your speakers. If your computer has headphones or other speakers connected, make sure the sound isn’t playing there.
  • MICROPHONE – Your computer may not have a microphone, or it’s not plugged in or turned on. Make sure you have a working microphone. The first time you check into Doxy.me, the browser will request permission to access the microphone. Also, Doxy.me has its own mute button, make sure you don’t have it on.
  • RESTART YOUR COMPUTER – Sometimes other video programs (e.g. Skype, Facetime) can block access to your microphone or speakers. Restart your computer, or close these programs, then try again.
  • IS YOUR BROWSER UP TO DATE? – Out of date browsers can cause audio issues, make sure your browser is on the latest version. If your current browser isn’t working, try using a different browser.
  • CHECK ANTIVIRUS, FIREWALL OR PARENTAL SETTINGS – You may have antivirus, firewall, or parental control software installed that is blocking access to the microphone.

Every patient is different. So are our programs.