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Getting Tips for Life

After following our weight loss programs, our most successful patients are committed to sustaining their weight loss results by making life-long lifestyle changes and healthy food habits. Over time, our patients have maintained their weight by holding on to the tools they received under our medical supervision.

We are not just a weight loss system, we are a partner in your weight loss journey. That’s why the doctors of Red Mountain are addressing real answers to your most commonly asked questions, and assisting you with exercise and making healthy food choices!

REAL TALK video series with the Doctors of Red Mountain Weight Loss

Our doctors sit down with Carey Pena (Emmy award winning news anchor & journalist) in this 3-part series to discuss REAL facts, REAL truths & REAL things you can do to take control of your health.

Episode 1| How to cope with life in a healthy way?
Episode 2| Why is it so hard to lose weight?
Episode 3| How do I lose weight quickly?

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Fitness with Anita Terlizzi

Being physically active is an important aspect of any healthy lifestyle, and is why it’s important to exercise every day. RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer, Anita Terlizzi, shares fun workouts and tips focused on strength training, mobility, strength & balance that can be integrated into your RM weight loss program* and long after!

Visit Anita’s newest collection of fitness workouts, watch videos and get free downloads available to you!

*Patients on the RM3® weight loss program should limit their workout regimen to 30 minutes per day. Always consult with your medical provider before beginning a new fitness routine.

Anita Terlizzi headshot

Anita Terlizzi is Red Mountain’s Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer, providing patients with workouts programs to get to a healthier life by reaching their fitness goals. 

With decades of experience in the fitness space, Anita has trained clients in private and group sessions from ages 8 to 98! You may have seen her featured in Phoenix media outlets including TV News on Arizona Midday.

Clean Eating Kitchen with Jan D'Atri

Food can be RM-friendly and delicious! So go ahead and splurge guilt-free! Watch Jan D’Atri, Red Mountain’s Culinary Chef, make guiltless, gourmet dishes that explode with flavor and even fix your sweet cravings that you, your family and friends will be thanking you for! Cooking couldn’t be more easy in this Red Mountain Clean Eating Kitchen!

Watch Jan’s delicious recipes for clean eating the Red Mountain Way!

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Jan D’Atri is Red Mountain’s official Culinary Chef, providing patients with a variety of instructional videos regarding how to cook healthy meals.

With an extensive background in the food industry as a restaurant owner, gourmet food distributor, and cookbook author,  Jan’s expertise is in high demand. In fact, she has been featured in various Phoenix media outlets including radio host on 92.3FM KTAR, Arizona Midday, Sonoran Living, Phoenix Magazine, and more.