Fitness basics with Anita Terlizzi

If you don’t already exercise regularly, starting can be overwhelming. So, here are a few simple workouts that RM Fitness Expert & Certified Personal Trainer, Anita Terlizzi, suggests.


  1. Stand with feet a little wider than hip width, toes facing front.
  2. Drive your hips back—bending at the knees and ankles.
  3. Sit into a squat position while still keeping your heels and toes on the ground, chest up and shoulders back.
  4. Strive to eventually reach parallel, meaning knees are bent to a 90-degree angle.

Side Lunges

  1. Stand tall & step your right leg out to side.
  2. Bend your right leg at the knee while keeping the left leg straight.
  3. Imagine you are sitting into a small chair behind you, then push off that heel and stand tall again.

Standing Bicycles

  1. Stand tall, with both hands behind your head.
  2. Rotate your right elbow as you raise and meet your left knee.
  3. Return your leg back to the starting position, then repeat the movement on the opposite side.

High Knees

For 30 seconds (or as long as desired), run or march in place, bringing your knees up to chest level.

Note: speed will be dependent on your cardio fitness level.

*Always consult with your RM Medical Provider prior to beginning a workout regimen. RM3® patients are advised to limit their fitness level to 30 minutes of low-intensity exercise per day.

Click here to download a printable version of Anita Terlizzi’s fitness basics.

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Anita Terlizzi is Red Mountain’s official Fitness Expert. Her background in health & wellness is as a personal trainer.

Anita’s expertise is in strength training, muscle development, speed & agility, and strength & balance. She has trained people from ages 8-98 with a variety of goals. Furthermore, she has been featured on Sonoran Living, Arizona Midday, Scottsdale Health Magazine, and more.