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Managing your weight can be difficult — especially on your own and while coping with stressful and emotional times in our life, factors related with medical conditions, menopause, family history of obesity, and more. Obesity is at an epidemic proportion today, at a high 43% in the US. As such, Red Mountain’s team of licensed weight loss specialists have dedicated themselves to guiding patients through their weight loss journey. For example, by helping them navigate the RM3 program, a very effective way to achieve a healthy weight quickly. In fact, patients on this program are known to lose up to 20 lbs or more in just the first month!

“There are many things that are not within our control, but following a healthy lifestyle and choosing to eat a healthy diet certainly is.”

– Dr. Suzanne Bentz, D.O., Founder & Chief Medical Officer 

We understand that weight loss extends beyond vanity. While initially patients may want to lose weight to look better, many realize that losing weight can help them get back to getting to the best, most active version of themselves.

Red Mountain’s medical weight loss programs help prevent you from making food choices that create unhealthy habits and maintain a healthy weight range for a lifetime.

For a limited time, new patients can get a free video consultation with a medical provider. Plus, 4 FREE Fat Burner PLUS Boosters — which can be delivered right to your door.

Come out of quarantine looking and feeling your very best! Lose weight from home and request a video appointment today.


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Don’t let your weight hold you back. Your guided journey begins here. Book your consultation today.

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