What It Takes To Burn Off Those Tempting Foods

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Ever feel like splurging? Maybe you want to splurge on something sweet, such as a Caramel Frappuccino? Or a cocktail at the end of the week? Or French Toast on a Saturday morning? Indulging isn’t always bad, but if you are working on achieving your weight loss goals, just remember that what you may think is a “small splurge” just might contain more calories than you thought!


Check out the (average) total calories for some of our favorite “splurge foods” and what it takes to burn those calories off:


1. 2 slices of pepperoni pizza (630 calories): 159 minutes of climbing stairs

2. 1 slice of cheesecake (700+ calories): 150 minutes of walking

3. 1 glazed doughnut (250 calories): 90 minutes of crunches

4. Chips & Queso (740 calories): 130 minutes of swimming

5. 1 plain cheeseburger & fries (690+ calories): 104 minutes on the elliptical

6. 1 milkshake (780+ calories): 75 minutes of jump rope

7. 1 Venti Frappuccino (500 calories): 180 minutes of Pilates

8. 1 small movie theatre popcorn with butter (630 calories): 140 minutes on the elliptical

9. 12 oz. margarita (530 calories): 60 minutes of basketball

10. 1 cupcake (245 calories): 30 minutes of running

11. 5 oz. of red wine (125 calories): 15 minutes of jump rope

12. 1 Cinnabon (730 calories): 80 minutes of cycling

13. Cobb salad with ranch dressing (760 calories): 120 minutes of aerobics

14. 1 chicken bowl from Chipotle (695 calories): 60 minutes of rowing

15. 1 medium French Fry (380 calories): 55 minutes of hiking


So next time you feel splurging, try to remind yourself of how far you’ve come in your weight loss journey, and ask yourself, “is this (fill in the food/drink) really worth it?”



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